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Good Message for Today

The word that has been with me this past year (my 50th) is “faithfulness.”

God has been so to me, so how can I not be the same?

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The Gift Of Another Year

Perhaps it has to do with turning 40. Perhaps it is the resolve that often comes with the gift of another year. But I have decided to be more present to people. In other words, to look people in the eyes when I am on the street, especially if there is something in me that “profiles” them as someone who might hurt me. (The hyper-vigilance/fear I feel is probably left over PTSD from an experience I will discuss more in detail in the future).

So as a road to my healing and in facing my fear, I face the strangers around me and smile. I am also trying to tell those that are closest to me that I love them. I do not know why this so hard for me, but regardless, life is too short to be short with my love.