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Dord is a Word

Today I mourn the loss of a word

which some considered rather absurd,

no longer included in the dictionary,

labeled as an error in lexicography.

In truth it makes a sort of sense to me,

this ghost word defined as density

for I think it has a most apt application

to certain current leaders of this nation.

(more info on dord here)

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The Missing Words

Sitting here in my chair of reflection,
I seek the missing words,
those that found me yesterday,
coming so fast I did not
have time to capture them
before they were gone,
winging away like
bright butterflies.

I am the flower they feed upon,
the nectar for their
thirsting tongues.
If I wait, they will return.
The page fills again.
My stories are carried
away on the wind.

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Geometric Peace – I Seek to be a Parabola

Mathematically speaking the parabolic curve reflects any beam striking any place on the curve to a focal point. Parabola.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words are worse.”

I have three choices:
A) Receive Pain – no response = bitterness growth, delayed psychotic reaction
B) Receive and Return – “an eye for an eye” – consciously open or subtly, demeanation = broken relationships, friendship alienation
C) Parabola – Receive, Reflect, Focus – acknowledge pain, transform into love action – “a way out is always provided” – attitude adjustment = health, healing, and transformation (inner and outer).

May 21, 1995

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(But that was yesterday)

I wake up wondering if what I said was okay
(but that was yesterday)

Did I say too much or not have enough to say?
(but that was yesterday)

Did my pride get in the way?
(but that was yesterday)

Did I make another pay the price that was mine to pay?
(but that was yesterday)

And all the while I’m wishing I could make my brokenness go away
(but that was yesterday)

(Let it go, yesterday is a no show, it’s no use trying to figure out what I may never know about I did or did not do yesterday)

It’s high time I fully give in to today.


The Power of Words

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The sleeping dog at my feet jerks and barks, chasing away the monsters of dreamland.
They have kept me awake with their angry gnashing teeth, harsh words of hurt that will not release me, and I am left bruised and restless, another unwilling insomniac.

The morning dawns with its unresolved bitter rain.
The dog is calm, the creatures howling, running away into the dark woods of broken memories.

I gather the tattered remnants of my dreams around me, turn my face away from the storm-streaked window, and pray for elusive sleep.

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insomnia wakes me
barbed words
prick my mind
even here
as if out of the wind
they come from nowhere

i cannot seem to find
the means to deflect them
only to endure

yet there is a shield
that quenches the fiery darts

though i do not
am hurt
and sometimes
wonder why i am attacked
i am not the first
nor am i alone
and this really isn’t
about me

the hurting one hurts
wishing for me
to respond in kind
to validate the misery

here on the veranda
listening to the waves
on a sleepless night
i realize that
the strikes don’t
need to change me

they just mean
i must be doing
something right

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i keep writing

i keep putting the words down
i keep typing one letter after another
i keep hoping i’ll write an answer to the questions of today

i keep praying that this chapter will end better than the one before
i keep writing because i know no other way

the letters become sentences then paragraphs into a story as yet unknown
i keep writing because this is how i pray

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Words at Play

words at play
keep the world at bay