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Wishless Thinking


I wish I was stronger.
I wish I was more gentle with myself.
I wish the recovery time after my flashes of annoyance at others was shorter.

I wish the world was a better place and that I was a better person in it.

I wish I wasn’t always wishing I was being someone or doing something else.

But all of this is just wishful thinking.
There is no genie here and besides I would have used up my three wishes a long time ago.

All of the wishing in the world won’t change who I am or what I need to do. It just makes me a wishy washy person, standing alone at the edge of the wishing well, fingering a precious coin.

Sometimes continuancy is all that is necessary, pushing past the wishes bubbling on my lips to something more.

So I step away from the well and put the coin back in my pocket. Later I hand it to the homeless vet on my way to get medicine at the store.