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There is no calm before the storm.

This tempest is neverending. These brief moments of peace are only that.

I am the pupil, swollen by too much light, staring up into the fickle sun.

I still reside within the storm. On the horizon, I see the dark spinning clouds as they draw near to envelop me again.

I have been a sower of the wind.

I have cast my dreams like seeds into the blistering sky.

Now I must succumb to what I have become.

I am the whirlwind reaper.

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Wind of Constancy

wind of constancy
blowing in from the sea
filling me

pushing away the lethargy
that has so encumbered me
within this mortal body

i listen for divinity
in this wind of constancy
a call to be free

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on windy days
when the swallows are swept across the sky like smoke
i too find my flight interrupted
and the subtle turn in my migration is corrected

o for the wisdom to accept correction
to cease this mindless flapping
and simply soar

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soon I will need to face the wind howling outside rumbling like an invisible train between the houses here

harbinger of a new weather pattern moving in 

In my heart as well?

I know not only that there is a kind of expectation hovering there

Spinning carried away like a balloon released by a mourning child’s hand out past the clutching trees until it is free dark against the boiling clouds 

a speck in the eye of a loving God

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in the background
of quiet conversation
across the phone line
in talks with kin
of swirling snow
in a not so distant dominion
omnipresent like
an unwelcome companion
always within earshot
a rumbling din
seeking to lose me to
this everblowing wind