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Yore Infatuation

the universe is expanding
not so your mind
you are an old wineskin
about to burst with new wine
you look up at the stars
gazing back in time
but you are not enlightened
by what you find

you pine for a time
that just wasn’t true
because the good ol days
were only good for a few
and the past is past
it will never renew
so why does yesterday
have such a hold on you?

history is a great teacher
with few who enroll
in her classes to learn
if the truth be told
when what you believe
is another black hole
the price to be paid
is the loss of your soul

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Depression 1.3 – Searching for the Soul Doctor

God’s truths often arrive in strange packages.

Like the song by Foreigner I have been blasting on my truck’s stereo this past week.

It’s called Soul Doctor.

I need to see the soul doctor
Before the fever begins
You know I’m searching for the soul doctor
When love is wearing thin
Doctor soul is in.”

Depression is not simply something in the mind. It is also what the Spanish mystic St. John of the Cross described as “the dark night of the soul.”

So on hard days, I’m searching for a soul doctor.

Rather than crawling into a mental hole or pretending everything is okay, I am learning to pray and accept that I am never alone.

Jesus promised to never leave or forsake me. And often, after these dark nights of the soul, joy does come in the morning.

Which means I can hang a sign outside my heart that says, “Dr. Soul is in….”

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New! Dystopian Short Story “They” Published on Wattpad

As noted earlier this week, “They” is now published on Wattpad. The link is below:

in a not so distant dystopian future, a citizen discovers true freedom

Click view as reader for best reading experience.

Or you can download the ebook in .pdf format below:!Ahdvw20Lq-XNg9U7_tQZtny0xkto9w.

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After Hearing the Death Tape


be wise
to the lies
of he in the disguise
of a prophet

who urges haste
sweet death to taste
from the bitter race
of life to stop it

the children knew
innocents often do
killed by guardians true
to a false prophet

truth is a strange thing
it can be twisted like a ring
round your neck choking

the distorted goal
takes its toll
if you lose your soul
where is the profit?

Originally posted September 10, 2015

Yesterday, November 18, was the 40th anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre.

The year was 1978.

I was 11.

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Truth Need Not Be Defended (A Word to the Evangelical)

Your lies are indefensible.
Truth need not be defended;
your blind side the wrong side when the rushing wave descended.

The moral arc of the universe cannot be unbended.
The flash flood of justice will leave your change tables upended.

Your wicked ways disguised as right must soon be mended
lest you lose the very soul-land you have for so long left untended.

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Love Is Blind (And So Is Faith)

eyes blurry
glass cracked
hard to see
front or back

some lash out
some attack
some are content
to stay on track

when lies are the
whys to redact
the truth is so
much more than fact

so step out with
blind faith and act
even when the screen
goes black

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Image of Faith

in these days
when the heat of summer
slowly succumbs to the
crisp cool air of fall
it is not an easy thing
to believe that the lies
of this past season
will finally give way to the truth

like the canvas covered vintage car waiting to be exposed by the tearing wind
or the red tipped wine bottle which noses out from a black plastic bag
it is only a matter of time
before what is right
is revealed

i must admit my faith has been sorely tested
i am distracted
distressed by and
obsessed with
the news
i have flown too close
to the burning sun

yet a new season is dawning
a cool wind blows out
of the north
it whispers
have faith
i truth am here

my response is a simple thing
an act of faith
change is coming
i proclaim it
every time
i photograph
a laid

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As I Lie Here

i have no song today
only the music of the spheres
soaking up the light of one
as i lie here

frozen by the regrets
and the weight of my years
needing a thaw
as i lie here

closing eyes to the red
the sun upon my lidded tears
seeking a reason to move
as i lie here

tis so hard to release
the weight of my fears
that i am irrelevant
as i lie here

would the world miss me
if i would disappear
another ghost among millions
as i lie here

such thoughts leave me breathless
i am not a seer
i must put aside the lying
and simply rest here

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Heiwa Haiku 98

the truth will come out ~

remember this simple truth ~

it outs painfully