Those Days So Very Little and Long Ago

returning to places where i once wandered
with persons i did not know would be a part of me
when what was the future then is now today
very little remains of what i remember
and what i envisioned for my life is much more and less than what i thought it would be
strange to think many of those who walk here now only existed in that place where all of us begin
when i wandered here
already a young old man
those days
so little
and so very
long ago

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The Mist, My Companion

rising from bed in the night
i find the fog has fallen
tomorrow is an hour away
the clarity of consequences forthcoming eludes me
to worry is to grasp for some control
to find the perfect scenario of what may be
to think of the right words to say
but such does not a peaceful heart create

I am left with only the mist
and my faith that in the end
what will be
will be
the sun will rise
the blindness will burn away
I will see what
I will see

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Bridges Burning


I awake to a fiery blaze
upon the wall
red in the morning
sailors take warning
herald of a coming storm
or the glow from bridges
to the past burning
no returning
lighting the way
into a new tomorrow
hope springs eternal
behind me fire
ahead the coming
of another dawn