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Monday Monday Song 73 – I Don’t Want to Wait to Slow Down

Verses: (D) (G) (D) (D) chord-5th fret) (D) chord-4th fret
Chorus: (G)(D)(A)(G)(D)

We don’t sing and crochet together anymore.
It seems we’re always grabbing our things and running out the door.

I don’t want to wait to slow down. (2)

You and I and the guitar harmonizing.
Strumming in time to the rhythm of your needles knitting.

I don’t want to wait to slow down. (2)

The phoebes wove a nest above our window this spring.
They’re busy living life but they still seem to have time to sing.

I don’t want to wait to slow down. (2)

I woke up this morning and saw the years stretch behind me.
But the pattern of our life was a slow stitch of love and melody.

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Immortality: Killing Time (and Death)

Does immortality elude us because we are so driven by time?

The clock is a human construct. If I was less concerned with time, would it be less concerned with me? Rushing to get somewhere “on time” simply raises my stress level which is subtly killing me. And most of the time when I arrive “late,” the meeting has not started yet, someone else is “late,” the others there are unconcerned, or for some other reason I did not need to rush. I generally feel like an idiot and am not in the best presence of mind to be present to the meeting.

And this cultural disconnect and fear of death. If I reach a sense of peace with my mortality, will I in essence achieve immortality?

Such a state of mind and heart is not an easy thing to achieve especially in the midst of so many watch-watchers and death-denyers.

But these were just some thoughts I had today while I was killing time.

Et Tu, Tempus Temporis?


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Melting Time


upon the cold ground
a glint of gold
bending down i find
the lost hand of a clock
frozen in time
this moment

i leave it there
move my tired body
down the street
the hours spin on
this too shall pass
melting time

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90 Years Without Slumbering


“Clocks are made by men but only God is responsible for time. No man can prolong his allotted hours or cut them short for that matter. He can only live them to the fullest.”

90 Years Without Slumbering, Twilight Zone Radio Dramas

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Gate 5


like life
a lot of

One must
adept at
more than

to us
a slow

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Food for Spiders – Caught In The World Wide Web

I turned 45 today.

The age comes with a mixture of emotions. Though I may live to be 100 it is hard not to feel like my most productive years are disappearing quickly. Of course I ask myself what I’m doing with my life.

More specifically – how am I spending that limited universally undervalued currency I have – namely my TIME?

In all honesty I have to admit a lot of my time is spent on the web. Or to put it more truthfully, IN the web.

Perhaps you have noticed that my blogs have been languishing lately. It is not for wont of ideas. I have simply been processing how best to spend my “currency.”

I love to write. Writing is prayer for me. I thoroughly enjoy expressing myself via blogs and having what I write connect with others.

But I am in the middle of writing several books. I have the time at this stage in my life to be able to do so. That may not always be the case.

Yet how am I spending the bulk of my time? Staying stuck in the web.

Now blogging is not the culprit and you will see an increase in my posts in the near future. I just won’t be trying to write daily posts for 5 blogs. Hopefully I’ll be able to post at a consistent yet more manageable pace.

There are other temptations.

The web is so beautiful (just like the ones strung across the path glistening in the morning dew). There are many amazing things to experience that were totally unavailable 15 years ago. The internet is by far the most revolutionizing invention the past 100 years. We have yet to see its true potential.

But, and this is a big but, it is a MAJOR time waster.

Sure the web is beautiful. But like the one in nature, it is easy to get stuck in its sticky strands. And there are lots of spiders.

-Products I don’t need that I can buy with a click of the mouse and that magically appear on my doorstep.

-Beautiful Photoshopped people scantily clad or wearing nothing at all that create false images in my head of what true beauty is.

-Music, movies, and other media that while entertaining are only that and tempt the dishonest consumer to enjoy without paying.

-Lots of information that for the most part is VERY close to gossip and feeds something in me though it must not be very satisfying if I have to keep coming back for more.

A year from now I want to look back and see some books completed. I want to have stronger relationships with my loved ones. I want to have a deeper spiritual walk with God. I want to be better able to enjoy the beauty of the creation shining outside this black box.

I don’t want to be food for spiders.

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Slow Moving Is NOT Navel Gazing

You may be wondering what slow moving has to do with the various issues happening in the world around us that I often write about in this blog. As I have said in the past, slow moving is not really about not moving fast, though slowing down physically helps.

Slow moving is essentially about soul care. And I believe that the decisions we make each day either give us life or death within (as well as to others around the world). For example, I felt such a weight lift off of me when I decided to no longer shop at Walmart. My soul felt freer.

Remember this old adage? (my paraphrase) “Gain the whole world, yet forfeit your soul.” This is not just a proverb related to some pie-in-the-sky, heavenly, futuristic goal. It has very earthly, real world, “now” implications. The decisions you and I make every day, especially with how and where we spend our money and time, grow or grieve our souls. And that affects how we feel.

Happiness, or the pursuit thereof, is not a commodity to be bought and sold. You and I are so much more than consumers. We are soul keepers.

So be happy. Care for your soul. Care for the world. Care for the people around you. Resist the urge to make selfish decisions. Bless and do not curse. Move slow.

The world changes when we change as well as through our daily soul-keeping decisions.


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Time Lord

Memory Lane

I grew up watching Dr. Who, mesmerized by the adventure of traveling back in time, where any decision made affected the future. I realized today that I am a time traveler as well. My brain is the time machine.

I am constantly revisiting the past, taking trips down memory lane. Thinking about decisions I have made, remembering relationships, rehashing conversations, missing friends and family who have passed away, stopping at places I have been to again and again.

There are those who say we should live in the present. But the present is simply the space between the past and the future. Coming to terms with yesterday affects today and tomorrow.

And life is a circle. I return again and again to that which requires resolution. Remembering is part of that circle. The past does not change but my acceptance of it does. And something shifts in me. Which affects how I see today and the choices I make tomorrow. So in essence I am a Time Lord. These trips are essential elements of my becoming.

I feel a memory coming to me.
I think it’s time to step into the phone booth.