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Until Tomorrow Became Today

yesterday was a hard day
maybe that’s why my mind wouldn’t let me sleep until tomorrow became today

to say that i am dismayed at the
continued stupidity of members of our species would be an understatement

in one 24 hour period i have witnessed
the loss of a job
the endangering of elders
the lack of social distancing
the misinformation by a news network
the worship of avarice
the belittling of my advice
the cluelessness of a certain worldview
the angry response to a gift

this world is too good for us
and if history is any indicator
the lessons learned will be non-existent or the wrong ones

yet in the today that was yesterday
i was listened to
i stepped out of my comfort zone
i faced my fear
i looked into blazed eyes
i delivered food to strangers
i bit my tongue
i laughed
i did not have the last word
i did not take on the
irresponsibility of others
i felt the new hope of old dreams
i pieced together inlay
i cut beauty from old wood

o god,
this virus,
like the rain,
falls on the just and the unjust,
the stupid and those with common sense, alike, whether i wish it
were otherwise or not
and as i continue to marvel
at your infinite patience
with our idiocy,
help me to see the beauty
in all of this ugliness.


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There is a grayness to the air

i could leave for work now
but there is no traffic
i’d just sit in the parking lot
waiting until the alarm is turned off

the world moves still
but it does so with a kind of wariness
there is a grayness to the air
as if that which we anxiously
wait for has somehow
discolored the sky

so i will remain here
for a few minutes more
gazing out into the morning
wondering when color
will return again to our


Ohayō gozaimasu, Kakure Kirishitan

Good morning,
Hidden Christian.
Now is not the time to be afraid
for you have been made
in the image of the Christ.

Rise up,
Hanare Kirishitan!
Be not dismayed
though it seems your Faith has been betrayed,
hijacked in some ugly heist.

Come forth,
Mukashi Kirishitan!
Like Lazarus out of your grave,
kamikaze from Elijah’s cave,
rejoin the ancient Zeitgeist.

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Ads Nauseum

a mausoleum
ads nauseum
the consumer
being consumed
chewed up
spit out
like name brand
chewing gum

ads nauseum
the buyer’s
been bought
things add up
to a negative

crem de la crumbs
ads nauseum
soul sold
for fools gold
the golden rule
to a heart gone

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Watching Logan’s Run

watching logans run
character finds a portrait of lincoln
where congress used to be
seems a fitting mystery
now filled with a gentle old man
cats discarded books broken stands
a capitol covered in vines
the young intwined
in a world of pleasure and lies
created by a benovolent ai
eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die
and we wonder why
what we call governing is breaking down
the body politic distracted by the sound
of the latest notification
true freedom is running away from us like

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New! Dystopian Short Story “They” Published on Wattpad

As noted earlier this week, “They” is now published on Wattpad. The link is below:

in a not so distant dystopian future, a citizen discovers true freedom

Click view as reader for best reading experience.

Or you can download the ebook in .pdf format below:!Ahdvw20Lq-XNg9U7_tQZtny0xkto9w.

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A Farewell to Kings – Strange Encounters with the band Rush

This morning, I happened across the 1977 album “A Farewell to Kings” by Rush. In my ongoing attempts to expose modernity to meaningful music rather than the current stuff of tone deaf hearts which seems to permeate the airwaves, I lowered the car windows, cranked up the AC, and cranked up the stereo. (Yes, mine goes up to 11!)

As I listened (loudly!), I was struck again by the song lyrics, particularly of Closer to the Heart and then the less familiar but no less profound Cinderella Man. While listening, I resolved to write a blog post featuring said lyrics, with links, thoughts, etc. once I returned home.

Then a strange thing happened.

At one stop on my journey, I recorded a cool video of a parking meter with a rather interesting message. (I suspect you will see that in a future post).

At the next stop, I discovered that, unbeknownst to me, my phone had recorded a second video of my travels between the two stops! Upon review, I was stunned because the video included both of the above mentioned songs . . . in their entirety, which seemed beyond serendipitous.

The video includes the strange lighting of a phone in a pocket and is completely unedited. It is as it was recorded, beginning to end, from the beeping of the car door as I enter, through the strands of Closer to the Heart, Cinderella Man, and part of Madrigal, to entering a client’s house, to my telling a dog to “Get Down.” (Which I hope you will do as you listen).

(Maybe even crank your system up to 11!)

This experience is a reminder to me that sometimes, if we imagine something, it becomes reality, as if it formed completely out of thin air. I need not remind us that these lyrics as well as the album title are quite apropos, given the current state of our country. Such reimagined reality is critical, as well as those willing to be reimaginers.

As the song so boldly begins –
And the men who hold high places
Must be the ones who start
To mold a new reality
Closer to the heart
Closer to the heart

To which I would add. If those in high places refuse to forge said reality, then they need to be removed and replaced with those who will. In the meantime, you and I are tasked with doing all we can to bring into fruition a reality that is closer to the heart.

The video is below.


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CAMPFIRE TALES – Salamander Sees

Salamander sees.

The third letter more than one ocean many species, observation.  People split three ways uneven slabs to slivers, sweet, sweat, swarm.  Top down trickle tongue out up to the dribbling sky, thirsty.  The beautiful ones suck the clouds dry clean wash twice, three times a day.  Skin glow brillo golden gold silver green coin rain acid hot burn flesh, out tongue in quickly.  Below earth under swarm the ugly.  Dirty sick thirsty cave temples built worship the beautiful gold moving pictures desire them the beautiful their lacquered loins.  Between upland the media eyes ears note letters report story, death of the clouds.

Salamander once ugly now medium belly sore years below tongue flick taste of sky better.  Below smell dirt sand rock earth sky cave dark bruise friends no see.  Cold work the cloud makers labor cumulus cirrus stratus cirrus cumulus stratus endless not enough more, wash the beautiful.  Below many day born mother laugh cry one more struggle scrape, teeming subways.  Food mud dig wall bug, chew.  Salamander eyes open see black curious lazy cloud makers stay away, scolded child.  Lonely alone no work no dig wall bug crawl search old place forbidden hole empty secret space paper letters light story, learn.  Day gate hole see hurt eyes sky joy tell whip pain mother fear, no.  Lonely return secret no tell, question.  Year found punish cloud maker work labor we all I no whole hole sky go escape, disruption.  Punish tail taken banish upland mother cry friends no see no hear now here upland, medium.

Salamander sees eyeglass lenses clarity, observation.  Blur all same no different now much, question.  Upland many space feel less bump bruise only city concentrations, mass.  City brown round house brick below gate open once twice a year, limit ugly.  City speed rush danger crawl step on.  Salamander learn stand, scurry.  Salamander medium good, fast.  Cloak cover skin no tail below same upland warm cold warm cold change, hard.  Day glimpse beautiful eyes hurt bright return cloud scraper quick beautiful question.  Day follow cloud scraper find bright wall touch fire pain hurt run fear, question.  Year capitol work learn report down deathrate birthrate steady reward three division cut clouddeath edit life under no copy past below chameleon discovered shame, new city.  Roam year work learn report no tail discovered, repeat. End desert grow room, find home.

Hole sleep write watch clouds change, thin.  Sand study sky hill holes rock night smell shadow noise, fear.  Day prints question, god.  Hungry god lonely food out morning bug gone, peace.  Year study feed god.  Day tracks god mountain storm flash burn pain rain wash soothe, beautiful?  Confusion run whimper run lick wounds scars healed head tail stump strange, sleep.  Awake voices fear blind mourn other holes, friends.  Outcasts god long night speak learn, home clouds make new.  Friends eyes, eyeglass no.  Blind.

Salamander sees.

Written June 27, 1997

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Monday Monday Song 58 – Black Man Down

So suddenly this is a news?
My friend you’re confused.
Murder in this nation
is state sanctioned.
I hear the sound.
I see another
black man down.

Would you pull the trigger if the runner had my skin?
Here stick your fingers in the holes where the bullets went in.
Dead is dead.
Blood is red.
There on the ground,
running fast from another
black man down.

The problem you see is AWB,
not even safe in his own country.
“Alive while black.”
Get shot in the back.
Anyone around
to give witness to why
a black man’s down?

I’ve got news for you, my friend.
The truth will out in the end.
You been trying throughout history
like you nailed that colored man to that tree.
But justice is gonna rise up from the ground
because you can’t keep
a black man down.

Originally posted April 2015