Service: Jesus Style

From Grab & Go Ideas for Ministry from CTA Inc:

A man entered a restaurant bathroom and found someone had written the question, “What Would Jesus Do?” on the wall. Another person had written directly underneath that, “Wash his hands.”

The man took out a pen and added, “. . . and your feet.”

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Saved by Blood

For six decades, ‘the man with the golden arm’ donated blood — and saved 2.4 million babies – The Washington Post

Mr. Harrison is an example to all of us.

Each day you and I have the opportunity to help someone. As Christians in particular who have received the ultimate gift, the least we can do is be a conduit for Love.

Who knows? Perhaps we might even save a life.

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The Other

You were not put on this earth for yourself,
contrary to the voices that urge you to accumulate,
the choices to assimilate,
to ingratiate,
to gravitate to your reflection in store windows.

The self-help industry
(so called Christian publishers included,
for you sheep who’ve been deluded)
is simply another narcissistic ploy,
oh joy,
a top-down triangle Ponzi scheme
(you catch my theme?)
that benefits the ones who thought of it first,
or think they did,
to satiate some incessant thirst,
who simply keep rewrapping the same old lies,
retrapping the same old flies,
until the latest late great planet book comes out.

The “me” generation.
Self congratulations.
Individual rights.
Late bloomers.
Heart tumors.

And you wonder why you are so lonely?

It is a paradox,
(not two boat piers side by side),
but a truth,
that when you open yourself wide,
the clamorings to be
begin to

You are here for one purpose – to serve.

(I hope I struck your ever-loving nerve).

This day
begin to be open to another,
the elderly neighbor is your mother,
the homeless man is your father,
the woman on the street is your sister,
the invalid in the bed is your brother.

Simply put,
and I,
were put on this earth
the other.

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Self Portrait Bread for the City

now serving
the poor
by the young
for community service
while i wait
asked if i have a number
no i say
at the words on the wall
please don’t stand in the doorway
(or you’ll block up the hall)
mirror above reflects i
and these precious people
still waiting
for justice for all

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Becoming Zero

It is where I need to be
not past the center into negativity
but more of others
and less of me

What were gains I now consider loss
for where the axes meet at zero they make a cross

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When I Come to the End of Myself

When I come to the end of myself, what will I find? Is the end a destination or simply another beginning?

Or is the end of myself where the other begins? And if so, then isn’t it better sooner than later that I reach the end?

For one can travel only so far within without bumping into the need for the other.

Serving one another is the key I think. Flowers blossom in the inner desert.

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Service – Ali’s Grave

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room in heaven.”

Page 19 – 06.12.2017 ESPN Mag

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The End of All Things Broken


This waiting is the kind
that stands at table
ready to serve,
these hands filled with
the coming feast,
these feet rushing out
to bring everyone in to this
place of healing warmth,
this mouth shouting
out an invitation,
All you who are thirsty,
    come to the water!
You who have no money,
    come, buy grain and eat;
Come, buy grain without money,
    wine and milk without cost!
Taste and see that Lord is good!
     Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in the Lord!


RU Salty?


It’s the latest term to describe anger.

My daughter calls me that when she doesn’t want to hear what I’m saying.

Sometimes we reply, “Well, we are the salt of the earth.”

In this day and age, some saltiness is needed. Salt stings when it gets into a wound, but it also heals. It adds flavor. It preserves. But it also stings.

So get angry at the injustice around you AND be ready to remain in the wound as long as it takes for it to heal.

Stay salty.