Blinded By The Light (Wormwood Is Also A Star)

manfred mann said it’s fun
to look into the eyes of the sun
disregarding wise advice

not all that glitters is gold
half the story has never been told –
these words of marley suffice

to reveal the difference
between clarity and indifference
and the lure of luciferous lies

beware which sun you admire
lest you’re consumed by wormwood’s fire
and the star inside you dies

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Electric Mist

the obscurity
caught me unawares

i stepped outside for
another reason
and suddenly
i was captured
by the mist

it is not always a
comfortable thing
but sometimes
revelation hides
within the fog
and even

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Know Ledge

on the precipice
of a revelation
a fall will follow
unless wisdom is

the climb to the vista
useless without
broken wings soar
high above the

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Blurred Glass

time will reveal the unseen
though these lens are now blurred

i struggle to say what i mean
tongue tied my speech often slurred

the present the past to gleen
future found in what has occurred

golden silence blindness shows the scene
faithful orbs await the brightening word

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Eclipse: On The Sharing of Lens

at times during events of significance the change is invisible to the naked eye

the blazing star seems the same though all around the world glows with a different light

a crescent is suddenly revealed when strangers gather on street corners to pass around the lens of sight

in the sharing we give witness to the subtle power of a tiny satellite

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When Peace Is Left Behind

Okay, so it’s the end times and it’s up to you save the world. How do you do it? Well, you pray, worship, and fight the forces of the Anti-Christ. The game is Left Behind: Eternal Forces, based on the best-selling Left Behind Series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.

There is a lot of controversy about the game (see links below) and it is difficult to get to the truth. Critics say the game glorifies violence by Christians, especially against people of other faiths. Defenders say you are penalized for perpetrating violence and killing innocents. Critics reply that once your spiritual points go down, all you have to do is pray to get them back up again.

Regardless where you come out, the game is questionable for several reasons:

  • It is based on bad theology in several ways. It combines a literal reading of Revelation with the idea that Christians can save the world by themselves, with violence as an option for doing so.
  • It allows violence to be a part of the game (the game is rated T), whether players are penalized or not.
  • It definitely does not portray Jesus as the Prince of Peace. (Just a note: In Revelation Jesus is portrayed as the Lion who is the slaughtered Lamb, one who took violence rather than perpetrated it in order to save the world (see Revelation 5).
  • It pushes a particular theological and political agenda without providing for the sophistication necessary for players to dialogue or raise questions about issues of faith. It paints a simplistic picture of good and evil in the world and the authors of course know which is which.
  • In the multi-player version of the game, you can play either as part of the Tribulation Forces or the Anti-Christ’s Global Community Peacekeepers. However, putting Anti-Christ next to terms such as “global,” “community,” and “peacekeepers” is problematic at best for those of us who don’t see those terms as necessarily anti-Jesus.

The game is well-done, is getting great reviews, and will probably sell like crazy (just like the books did). We Christians like everyone else vote with our money. The choice is whether to support questionable media or help create alternatives.

In my opinion, the game leaves Jesus and lots of good theology behind. For those reasons it too should be Left Behind.

News links for more info on the Left Behind game controversy:

Anabaptist perspective on Revelation, World Events, and the Left Behind series by Loren L. Johns, Academic Dean, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary

Originally posted February 2007

Reposted in light of the passing of Dr. LaHaye.

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1 Light. 3 Shots.



one look can miss something important.



two might reveal a different view.



three times and the picture comes clear.


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I awoke this morning to darkness.

On the exterior of the house outside the window, I watched the movie of the dancing shadows cast by the headlights of a passing car.

The sliver of a moon split the sky between the trees across the street.

Some things can only be seen before the dawn.

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in landscapes unfamiliar

in landscapes unfamiliar when the destination shines in the distance
the path does not always reveal itself

but if one keeps walking remains on the journey
the way appears

the fisherman reaches the lake and makes his first cast