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A Little Less Vanilla

When one bakes with diversity,

add 3 cups of humility,

and take a long taste of Chocolate City.

Listen to some go-go.

Watch a young man dance before the coffin of his grandma in a love show.

Hear the song of joy and grief.

Add 3 tablespoons of the river Anacostia.

The change in your pallette may very well cost ya

and there could be some heart burn

as you listen and re-learn

to really breathe

because trying to mute DC is a form of hypoxia.

What you been cooking up doesn’t make much sense.

It’s time to use some different ingredients.

Maybe a little less salt.

And a lot more pepper.

More chocolate.

Less vanilla.

Because this is more than grabbing a chili dog from Ben’s Chili Bowl.

What good is soul food if you’ve lost your soul?

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So let me guess.
It’s the SOS.
And you need a rest…
from the SOS?
So this is an SOS…
a sort of request…
to be saved from this mess?
From the SOS?
Well I’ll do my best…
To grant your request…
Because your mess is my mess…
It’s the SOS.

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False Flag

another suburban school shooting makes the front page
while here in the inner city it’s another day
that can (literally) take your breath away
either way you’ll say

and do what you always do
claim it’s a false flag
that it’s not true
whatever is different than your beliefs is conviently labeled fake news
while here in the margins over on page two

another black kid is dead
caught in the crossfire of turfwar lead
last time i checked blood is the same color
no matter where you lay your head
you think otherwise you’ve been misled

(ps i think there’s an answer in a book i read)

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17 Down

is this what education has come to be?
revenge is the way when one is angry?
it’s not surprising
in this day of FPS, drones,
and the MIC
that you think pulling the trigger will set your problems free
count the bodies
watch the score
now it’s history
why love your enemy
when you can subscribe to this violent

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Peace To The Poet

Once again I am amazed at the subtle workings of the hand which guides me in paths that I know not when I awake in the morning.

At this moment I sit in my local library writing while my car has major surgery. (Before I move on, a major shout out to our local library system!) While I waited for the library to open I visited the local thrift store and perused their selection of CDs. I recognized a few but found some unfamiliar artists that I thought might be some musical gems.

So now I’m listening to D-Boy’s Peace to the Poet released almost 20 years ago!! The first song “Cease for Peace” is a call for an end to gang violence. I am intrigued. I pick up the jewel box and take out the liner notes. I discover that D-Boy (aka Danny Rodriguez) was murdered in 1990 at the age of 23. Were he still alive he would be my age (he was born the same year I was, 1967). I wish I would have known him, but his beautiful heart shines through his music.

This blog is one way I am attempting to call us to be a more peaceful people. D-Boy and others like him were not afraid to speak out, and sing out, against violence and for the love of God to permeate everything we do and say. And like many others who have done the same, he paid the ultimate price.

I am grateful for his life and that his heart lives on in his music so that I can be inspired to keep living a life of love and peace.

Peace to the Poet