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Beyond Legerdemain

is it any wonder
that of the seven
ancient wonders
only one remains
and the pyramid of giza
is but a tomb and
no longer contains
the afterlife companions
or the mouldering remains
of the pharoah

time in subtle thunder
doth rip asunder
with wind and
weather and rain
pounds with
mocking disdain
until these monuments
of blood and stone
and workers pain
are brought low

i cannot help
but wonder if one
must go under
into the inner domain
of broken heart
and mending brain
to build a different
kind of wonder
beyond another
one forever sustained
by the care of soul
a new archipelago

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A Short Short Story

Once upon a time, a small-framed man climbed the highest tree and bragged that he was taller than everything. The sun above beat down upon him until he began to sweat and his perch grew slick. He slipped and fell.

Now he is even shorter.

The moral?
A higher perch does not always provide greater insight.

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Becoming Zero

It is where I need to be
not past the center into negativity
but more of others
and less of me

What were gains I now consider loss
for where the axes meet at zero they make a cross

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A revelation has dawned upon me
Like cool sun shimmering over mountains fair
On wet morning dew,
Thoughts anew.

This same sun though now red glints upon a statue of the fairest gold and precious silver, the finest of gems and stones, sparkling in the scarlet light.
It is fair, so fair, and it is I, myself.

But soon the crows come and steal the tempting stones away, the rains dirty the shiny gold, and the silver tarnishes in the howling storm. Its beauty is for naught and the statue is worthless save for kindling.
Will I be burnt in effigy?

Alas I do not know, but the vision still remains.
In conclusion then I must admit that I am hopelessly conceited.