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An Experiment on the Morning after Sen. Warren ends her Presidential bid

Following Sen. Warren’s announcement that she is dropping out of the presidential race, I decided to try a little experiment. I would read the morning paper with two questions in mind;1) how many images of women are there?2) how are women portrayed in the images and/or what is the story behind the image?The video is below:The results are rather sobering.

Vid re-edited.

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Prisoner of Pavlov

I know for whom the bell tolls
for it often tolls for me
yet it is a different daily death it brings.

I go towards the chime
when the chime calls to me.
My saliva runs every time it rings.

I have relinquished so much power.
The power once inside of me
is diminished beneath the weight of so many things.

The million tiny deaths I die
each day must be dead to me
til deaf I become to their subtle sting.

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Heiwa Haiku 84

Keeper of the bomb ~
To destroy is not power~
Tis only hubris

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Sin (onym)

Power and powerlessness are not mutually exclusive.



My College Graduation Invitation


We, the young and the old,
have in these days as did the children of old,
two choices facing us:
the New World Order,
with its guardians of violence and greed,
Babel with a new face,
or the Peaceable Kingdom,
the one brought to us by a tiny babe in a manger,
and with him the hope of real change,
in our lives,
a new heaven
and a new earth.

Now that’s what I call good news and cause for celebration.

Shall we dance?
Shall we sing?
Shall we laugh again?

With this graduation,
I reaffirm my choice to the Babe of Hope,
to the Prince of Peace,
and to the King of dictators, presidents, and kings.

Won’t you dance with me?

April 28, 1991


Power and Powerlessness


Who or what determines my greatness?

Power and powerlessness are mutually exclusive.

Is power,
personal power,
being great,

Follow my call?!
rather than the path to fame (but could be the same),

Self-control is greater than power over worldly affairs.

Retreat notes November 1996


MA In Empowerment

I want to be a master in the art of empowerment;
empowering others to find themselves,
to see that they are special,
that they do have gifts,
talents and abilities,
and to find them.

April 18, 1989

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The Inner Impotence of Men

Those with the most power are often the most impotent within. It is there where peace must begin.

The Viagra phenomenon is a symptom of the more entrenched dis-ease found in the hearts of men. An exterior cure perhaps, but the interior requires something more than a pill. Though violence is not an exclusive act of men, it is perpetrated most often by we who wear the male skin. Violence is the ultimate expression of the inner impotence. We must come to terms with our powerlessness and cease to collaborate with the principalities and powers which sap our potency. What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and yet forfeit his soul? Are you whole?

Become a man who is aware, who refuses to engage in any and all things violent.
Though it may seem paradoxical: Be gentle and kind, for there you will find fire.
My friend, that is true power. You must be re-wired.

Mene Tekal