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Pope Francis changes Catholic Church teaching to say death penalty is ‘inadmissible’ – The Washington Post

Article about this remarkable shift is below:

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Peace on Earth – Rumors of Peace in the News

When one reads the news, it seems that the world is only filled with violence and conflict. But though it rarely makes the front page, peace is breaking through in large and small ways. Here are the rumors of peace for this week: 
Yes, Peace Is Possible


Pope Francis Slams Countries Who Talk Peace But Send Arms Into Syria, saying,
“How can you believe in someone who caresses you with the right hand and strikes you with the left hand?”


Myanmar’s Panglong Peace Conference to Include All Armed Ethnic Groups


Give Peace Science a Chance


University at Buffalo Students Promote World Peace with 3D Printed Shoes

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When the Pope is Gone


When the Pope is gone,
will you move on?

Or will you let his words
sprout and grow
like gentle seeds
in your heart?

Will you begin to part
with what you choose
to let possess you?

Will you do
the hard work of
putting others

Will you thirst
to let your hands
fall like healing leaves
upon tear-stained

Will you enter the places
of the shadow of death
and fear?

When the crowds
will you hear
the cry of one
who still calls
from the wilderness
“Prepare ye the way . . .?


Words from Pope Francis on Forgiveness and Reconcilaition

Christ Within Crosses 1983

“…violence is not answered with violence;
death is not answered with the language of death.
In the silence of the Cross,
the uproar of weapons ceases and the
language of reconciliation, forgiveness, dialogue,
and peace is spoken.

This evening, I ask the Lord that we Christians,
and our brothers and sisters of other religions,
and every man and woman of good will,
cry out forcefully:
violence and war are never the way to peace!”

(Pope Francis, Sunday, September 7, 2014, Angelus appeal for peace)