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Ode to M. Alcofribas

Though I am not as wise as Solomon,
when I think of a certain Friar John
whose abbey was made most Gargantuan,
I see a misreading of Immanuel Kant.

A church born from a babe in Bethlehem
is now most like the Abbey of Thélème
for it has cast off its royal diadem
to follow the mantra, “Do What You Want.”

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Innocence Lost

The killing of innocent people does not justify the killing of innocent people.

(April 15, 1986)


Holy War

The philosophy of Holy War is full of holes.

April 15, 1986

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The Philosophy of the Earworm

Invariably in the morning when I awake there is a song in my head, an earworm lodged there by the melodic dreaming of the night. Lately I have begun to listen more closely to discern what meaning there may be for me in the particular song in my mind and the timing of its grip.

First I must be aware of the song in my head. It is simply a matter of looking and listening within. For example this morning the earworm is “Long Line of Cars” by Cake.

Secondly, as the song plays, and repeats, it becomes a mantra and I the captured meaning can attempt to return the favor and capture a meaning. Am I thinking of our travel back from vacation on the morrow? Will there be lots of traffic on our outing today? Am I remembering the long line of cars as we waited for the ferry the day before yesterday?

This should not take an enormous amount of mental energy. Simple thoughts held gently should suffice. Perhaps one will lodge within the belly of the earworm and it will be satisfied until the next one chooses to crawl within the corridors of the brain.

November 3, 2011

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The Philosophy of Common Sense

Philosophy can be defined as the pursuit of ideas
by men who cannot accept simple truths as simple
and so, with many words and large phrases,
they formulate complex hypotheses and expositions
which when the shrouds of confusing and miscellaneous
word games are removed, one finds the simple
truths of common sense.