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Video Games as Change Agents for Peace

PeaceGrooves was originally founded as a springboard for the creation of games and other story-telling venues that would educate players in peaceful ways to affect positive change.

My graduate theory paper “Video Games as Change Agents for Peace” presented this idea over ten years ago. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, PeaceGrooves was never able to fully realize its full potential and so I made the difficult decision several years ago to take our website offline and move on to other projects.

Today, I was inspired by the following article in the Washington Post,

It describes a former Somali refugee’s creation of a video game for peace that is based on the creator’s actual experience. Mr. Lual Mayen has created his own video game company to produce and market his game.

It is wonderful to see others who are making video games that are change agents for peace.


Storm Surge


In the end,
will you be faithful?
That is question.

When the storm has come and gone,
when what you thought was precious has been stripped away,
when you sleep in darkness wondering if the lights will ever come back on,
when your life in the flash of lightning reverts back to the everyday of your sisters and brothers in the warzone,
when your plane to those destinations is grounded by the thunder’s roar?

Will you awake to new resolve for justice?
Will you spend less time before the screen and more time present to loved ones and those in need of it?
Will you leave the ground to alight among the troubled?
Will you listen to them?

Will the power that comes on be in you,
through you,
glowing out through your eyes,
filling you with a compassion so compelling
you become a wire
among many
love and peace
to the world?

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Got Groove?: 2009 Youth Peace Game Creation Contest

PeaceGrooves is seeking original games with nonviolent game play, inspired by peace and/or historical peace figures, and/or espousing nonviolent principles. Game types can include but are not limited to video games, board games, map/ book games, card games, etc.

Sponsored by PeaceGrooves and PJSN. Read Official Rules Here. More Info and Registration at

DEADLINES: Initial Registration: December 31, 2009 (see below). Final Submission: September 30, 2010. Winner Notification: December 31, 2010.

ELIGIBILITY: Legal residents of the 50 United States (including the District of Columbia) age 13 to 18. Entrants under the age of 18 must have permission from their parents or legal guardians to participate. Participation in the YPGCC constitutes entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Official Rules & Regulations.

HOW TO ENTER: Entering the YPGCC is a two step process, Initial Registration and Final Demo Submission. First, you may enter the YPGCC starting July 1, 2009 at 9am (EST) by filling out and submitting the initial Registration Form below. Follow the directions on the main YPGCC page, fill out the entry form in its entirety and click on the button to submit the entry form. After your registration you will receive a welcome email with your Game Title, Description of Game, Contact Info and information for submitting your Final Demo Submission. PLEASE keep this email. Anytime after you have registered until the deadline, you may submit your Final Demo Submission using the exact Game Title, Game Description and Contact Info of your Initial Registration. Once you have submitted your Final Demo Submission, you may not amend or edit your game so please make sure you have completed as much as you are going to before you submit. You may submit as many games as you wish but they must be separate and different game ideas. Each one will require a separate registration. You may enter the YPGCC as many times as you like but you must submit a separate registration form and demo submission for each entry or game.

What is a Game Demo? Game Demo should be a playable version of the game with enough of the game complete to give an idea of game play. Game demos can include a brief working version of a video game, basic cards for a card game, basic layout for a board game, etc. The more design and artistically complete a game is, the more likely it will be chosen as a winner due to playability and judges’ ability to see how the game will be once it is complete. It is in your best interest to have your Final Demo Submission be as complete as possible.

Prizes include a laptop, mp3 player, and/or cash!