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Thoughts of Farewell

i feel myself leaving already
such is the nature of things
these days i think
when one can in a few hours
move from warm sea wind
to winter’s breath

my destination begins its
subtle call and my mind
the list of responsibilities
left behind begins to
roll behind my eyes

but grains of these sands
will remain with me
the taste of salt on my lips
like my lover’s kiss
the ache in my arms from the
surf and fishing in the deep

and in the days ahead
the memories of this place
her beautiful people
melodic conversations
will follow me into my dreams
as i close my eyes
in sleep

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A Brief Muting of Dissonance

wherever i go i am there
though at times the dissonance
is muted
silenced by sounds of
sea and wind
and i can rest

these algae covered rocks
that every day seem to be
even more a part of my
heart’s restless shore
can receive the carress

of ivory surf
which like the love
of the Creator
flows on in endless song
against this mortal curse
and suddenly i realize
that i have been blessed

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Heiwa Haiku 109

love is an ocean ~
a world of bright mystery ~
where sea turtles play

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Heiwa Haiku 106

wind-driven ocean ~
i hear the waves on the shore ~
as night brings her dreams

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Barbados Photos! (A Special KMLS Photoshop Edition)

This is my first time visiting this lovely island.

A brief squall.

I’ll probably try some surfing later on this week.

All for now. I’ll leave you with some sunshine.

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even in this place
of hidden beauty
the sargasso
has invaded

it lies like
a dark serpent
in coils along
the beach
blackened by the sun

it clutters
the water
hides the coral
flickering fish
of color
from view

it sticks to the skin
green strands
and seed pods
to be rinsed away
before the door

yet today
the waters are clear
my body floats free
above the reef

a blue parrot fish
darts in and out
of the shadows
just out of reach

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when the light
strikes the water
in a certain way
the sea is too
bright to look at
one turns away

yet not seeing
i still know
it is there

the ocean remains
i smell her scent on the wind
i taste her salty sweat on my lips
i hear the soft sound of her waves
crashing on my shore

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Love Your Anemones

It was going to be great vacation.

I had my own little room, stacks of books to read, and we were a 100 yards from North Myrtle Beach. North, as in way north, away from the crowded, crazy tourist trap to the south. There were even some private ponds on the property where my nephews and I could do some fishing. Dad had rented a golf cart to run around. We were settling in.

Then a nasty woman by the name of Bonnie decided she wanted to spoil our party. Bonnie, as in HURRICANE Bonnie. And an evacuation, as in a GOVERNOR-ordered EMERGENCY evacuation. So much for vacation.

We did salvage some of it in Gatlinburg, but it wasn’t the beach.

That was 9 years ago.

And I hadn’t been back to the beach since.

Until this year.


The weather was perfect.

Beach Chair

The beach was nice.


So was the ocean.

Family at Sonic

It was great to be with family.

Waiting for the Sun

The Outer Banks are wonderful this time of year.


And best of all I could choose when I was going to evacuate.

(Originally published on SlowMover October12,2007 – reprinted here as we recover from the most recent Bonnie)

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Ocean Heart


Home is where the heart is.

But the heart is a tumultuous thing, filled with the myriad worries and joys of the everyday.

The Pacific seems so far away but I can still taste its burning salt on my tongue.

The waters I so recently swam in will eventually fall upon me as rain.

In the here and now, the heart pulses in time to a distant surf.