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Encircled Cross on Painted Sky

encircled cross
encircling i
eastern sun
on painted sky

morning comes
to mourning eye
new day begun
from bitter night

encircled cross
encircling i
the risen one
draweth nigh

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When the night is cold with what I am unable to give, I awake to a day filled with gifts beyond counting.

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Heiwa Haiku 107

the stars, long lost friends ~
shine again in island skies ~
night revelation

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neath these orange skies
the buildings lie
in a city of insomniacs

the glow of a thousand lights
upon the clouds of night
and this electric city cracks

sirens song echoes off unforgiving walls
and healers answer the incessant call
shock to bring the sleeper back

i stand outside in the crackling din
feel this city’s surge within
then i pull my plug from its jack

to sleep
counting electric sheep
a flatliner among insomniacs

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KMLS Photoshop – Totem

late at night
walking home
through alley
past neighbor’s
tree sculpture
moon behind
shining through
still barren trees
low light blurring
makes for an
eerie image
i shivering
happy to
have been
at the right
place and
time to
snap the

Disclaimer: no weird photo filters were used in the creation of this photograph.

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In the early morning shadows of a curtained room, I hear the dawning of another day.

The rumbling of the waking furnace and the groaning of hot water pipes beneath my feet mixes with the noise of a blue jay outside crying, “Thief! Thief!”

Within the shuttered room of my heart, there is a sense that something precious has been stolen from me in the night while I slept and that I am destined to wander this day wondering what if anything was lost and whether I will find it again.

I can choose to spend my day in such aimless seeking.

Or I can come truly awake, open up the curtains to the gray day, and let the night go.

The thermostat clicks. I feel the rush of hot air through the ducts of the house.

Outside it is quiet. The blue jay has disappeared.

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Stumbling In The Dark

Here I am again, stumbling in the dark,
walking on the old road beneath the
heavy trees from the summer camp and the
noise of children to my empty cottage
just over the next ridge.

I have left behind the loudness of the light,
choosing instead to walk unencumbered into the
velvet depths of the darkness as I have done on
many other nights,

Seeing what I have not seen before,
hearing sounds strange to my ear,
facing myself and fears that are not
illumined by the sun and only lit by the
shadows here
where I am again,
stumbling in the dark.

(Thoughts during Advent Retreat December 13, 2003)

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The Accent of Rain – Photos from the Week

Waiting in the rain in Silver Spring
Car becomes a sheltered pallette

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Road Toad

The toad in the road looms luminous
in the lights of my Chevy Cavalier
as I careen precariously around the
copperhead curves of Mission mountain.

Amphibian eyes gleam in the glare of halogen globes,
reptilian reason revealed in their shiny sheen
before the sharp shadow of the car covers all
in a blur of bleeding black and the toad’s glow
is hidden by the hum of radials hugging hills
wrapped around by roads so serpentine.

Written June 25, 1996