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Electric Mist

the obscurity
caught me unawares

i stepped outside for
another reason
and suddenly
i was captured
by the mist

it is not always a
comfortable thing
but sometimes
revelation hides
within the fog
and even

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The Mist, My Companion

rising from bed in the night
i find the fog has fallen
tomorrow is an hour away
the clarity of consequences forthcoming eludes me
to worry is to grasp for some control
to find the perfect scenario of what may be
to think of the right words to say
but such does not a peaceful heart create

I am left with only the mist
and my faith that in the end
what will be
will be
the sun will rise
the blindness will burn away
I will see what
I will see

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a lake
filled with dark forms
swimming back and forth
covered on the bottom
by green creeping algae
surrounded by weeping willows
moss clings to the branches
which hang over the water
their wet slimy roots
clinging to fungus covered rocks
a mist slowly rises pale and thick
from the green musty lake
forms materialize and vanish
of different sizes and shapes
weaving to and fro
the mist rises and rises
spreading over the sleeping countryside
wafts of it swirling around and into chimneys
its pale form hides the musty lake
casting shadows in the air
until the sun drives it away

From the collection “Words at 16 (1983)”