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PeaceGroover Live! @ Van Ness Potbelly in DC – July 9 -11am-1pm

As most of you know, I am a singer/songwriter who has been on hiatus – remixing my songs with Acid and Music Maker, uploading to SoundCloud, helping with worship at church, some small concerts, but staying mostly close to home.

Well, through a rather serendipitous conversation yesterday, I am going LIVE!


Yeah. I am playing at the DC Potbelly’s near Van Ness Metro on Connecticut Ave from 11am -1pm.

This is my audition. If it goes well, this could be a regular gig!

So, I’d love for your positive thoughts, prayers, and support!

And if you’re able, stop by, grab some awesome food or a shake (best shakes around!), and hopefully you’ll hear some good music.

Now, I better go practice!

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Heart Expansion

in this world of the Grinch,
i am realizing tis not a cinch
to make room for my heart to expand
to include all of the whos in wholand

when all i seem to do is fret
my mind running with a litany of regret
c’mon c’mon c’mon i say
rushing towards the end of today

like a doctor in a malpractice suit
i have lost my patience (sic) to boot
my sickness a symptom of my dis-ease
my mind in a permanent brain freeze

moving too fast to stand still
seeking solace in the latest pill
yet me thinks i see a tiny opening
something beyond mere hoping

and so i make the effort to slow down
to let the seed break my fallow ground
ruah wind blows through me
and then slowly my life is an opening

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Love Believes

“Love believes the best about someone else. When you’re inclined to mistrust and suspect, look for the positive intention instead. Seek the good and you will find it.” –Rev. Mary Manin Morrissey

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Make My Heart a Screen Door

Oh God,

Make my heart a screen door.
Let the wind of your spirit blow in on me sitting here at table
to remind me of the world outside and those enemies and strangers who peer in, stopping by to interrupt my repast.

Unclog my ears.
Loosen my compassionate tongue.
Keep me open.



A Love Of Humanity


Are you not aware, my friend, that every unkind word, thought or deed, however small, diminishes humanity, both yours and the recipient?

Let the love of God rule in your heart. Cultivate a daily awareness that limits the moments of frustration, that puts the needs of the other ahead of your own. Let everything flow out of a spirit of compassion.

Instead of raging at the person who cuts you off, ask instead why is it so important? Pray that the other finds peace from the pain that may be distracting them.

For you were blind once too. Do not allow your newfound insight to become a source of pride. For then your blindness will return tenfold.
Your awareness is a gift.
Unwrap it.
Use it each day
in love.

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The Empty Chair


i am the empty chair
beside the road
a gray day invitation
upon a broken heart

i should pull over
park the car
my sadness
another day’s start

but home awaits and
another empty chair
around a quiet table
i trying
to glue pieces pulled apart