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New Changes at KMLS PhotoShop!

KMLS Photoshop is what I call my dabblings in photography and photo art.

This past year I have been working on several changes with regards to my photography.

First, as part of my decision to end my relationship with Amazon, I migrated my photos from Amazon back to my Flickr account which took a LONG time. Currently, I am organizing my Flickr collection so stay tuned as more photos become publicly available.

My Flickr Collection

Secondly, I have begun contributing photos to Foap for greater visibility and to make my photos available for purchase.

My Foap Portfolio

Thirdly, I now also have a gallery on ImageKind. Here you can not only purchase my photos, but buy them as canvas or framed prints in a variety of lovely designs!

My ImageKind Gallery

Feel free to visit any of the links above. You can also find my images throughout the web under my pen name – jlseagull.

Any comments and suggestions are most appreciated.

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Report #2 From The Washington Auto Show: On The Inside And Fun With Filters

(The following is a reprint of an article I posted in 2008 which features photos and commentary from a visit to the Washington Auto Show. I will repost these reports over the next successive Saturdays as a KMLS PhotoShop feature).

Previous Reports:

Report #1

Cars Through Glass by KMLS

I never realized this before but one of the cool things about an auto show is that I get to sit inside cars that I will probably never see again, let alone afford to drive. I can do this at a dealership I know but it’s nice not to have somebody pressuring you to buy. I checked out a couple and I must say I was more impressed with the comfort of a “cheaper” American-made sports car than a Jaguar. Here are some pics:

Funky Pink Inside by KMLS
Car Interior PC Filter by KMLS

This report features photos with filters and manipulation through Adobe Photoshop. Automobile pictures lend themselves to very cool results due to light refraction and the intersecting lines and curves. Comment with your questions about specific filters used. Here are several more:

Car Collage 1 by KMLS
Car Front Neon by KMLS

Stay tuned tomorrow for my historical piece. This is your Slow Mover Reporter signing off.


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The Way of the Leaf 58 (Photos)

A special ice storm edition