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Precedence Prescience Presence Day

a day of precedence
infused with presience
to contemplate the presence
of the king of kings and presidents

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I Am a Stew of Treats and Tricks

I am such a mix
a stew of treats and tricks
the truth redacted
full but emaciated
living but not liberated
I honor the Saints who have gone before
yet I leave them alone outside my door
their wisdom is a precious thing
so why am I not listening?

I have collected the burrs of this life
until I’m completely covered by a thousand tiny knives
my mind is a morass of many things
that smile and laugh and bite and sting
I have bitten my tongue so many times
that my voice now is little more than a whine
yet I am innundated by so much regret
when I think of the bitter words I have said
one moment my tongue is content to bless
the next it is a cursing mess

sometimes I think I’d be better off blind
but that wouldn’t change what I see in my mind
and the disconnect between your world and mine
how far we have fallen from the Divine

so I will continue to stumble and bumble into Grace
a reluctant participant in this human race
and perhaps like King when I get to the top of this hill
I can look over and say I did God’s will

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When I Was One

when i was one
it was the year of the gun
we were still fighting a war that could never be won
when i was one

when I was one
we lost King in April
in June another Kennedy son
burning Watts blotted out the sun
when i was one

when i was one
it was the year of the gun
we’re still fighting battles that were begun
when i was one

when i was one
i was born into a world coming undone
now it seems every year is a rerun
of the one
when i was one

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If/Then Enemy/Friend


If the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting (Sun Tzu) then the best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend (Lincoln).

If the enemy of my enemy is my friend (Sanskrit proverb) then we must put an end to war before war puts an end to us (Kennedy).

If love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend (King) then we are to love our enemies (Christ).

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King Is Your Word, Not Mine

Today is Christ the King Sunday. The following was on the front of a local church’s bulletin, an apt response I think to our society’s domination myth.

By Bruce Prewer

King is your word, not mine;
Friend I am, and not very choosy,
pagans and prostitutes,
publicans and sinners,
grace is my kingdom.

King is your word, not mine;
Servant I am, no one beneath me,
feet washer and waiter,
serving the least,
love is my kingdom.

King is your word, not mine;
Physician I am, all free of charge,
touching the leper,
expelling the demons,
health is my kingdom.

King is your word, not mine;
A seer I am, seeing God’s word,
in mustard seed and yeast,
wildflower and ravens,
truth is my kingdom.

King is your word, not mine;
Tradesman I am, honing my craft,
familiar with wood,
hammer and nails,
grace is my kingdom.