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PeaceGroover Live! @ Van Ness Potbelly in DC – July 9 -11am-1pm

As most of you know, I am a singer/songwriter who has been on hiatus – remixing my songs with Acid and Music Maker, uploading to SoundCloud, helping with worship at church, some small concerts, but staying mostly close to home.

Well, through a rather serendipitous conversation yesterday, I am going LIVE!


Yeah. I am playing at the DC Potbelly’s near Van Ness Metro on Connecticut Ave from 11am -1pm.

This is my audition. If it goes well, this could be a regular gig!

So, I’d love for your positive thoughts, prayers, and support!

And if you’re able, stop by, grab some awesome food or a shake (best shakes around!), and hopefully you’ll hear some good music.

Now, I better go practice!

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Monday Monday Song 53 – Lullaby to the Refugee

In light of current events, I dusted off an old song which I offer here.

Lullaby to the Refugee by Keith Lyndaker
From my first album La Voz released in 1989 after I spent a semester in Central America. Remixed and remastered using Acid Pro 6 January 2017.

Copyright 1989 Revolutions Music and 2017 Tongue Screw Records
A PeaceGrooves Production
All Rights Reserved

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Carcass in the Sand – NEW Short Story on WattPad

The date on my original draft for this st0ry is listed as September 1984 so it is one of my earliest short stories, written when I was 16 or 17. I was exploring foreshadowing, man vs, nature, the use of metaphor, and an unexpected ending. My current edits reflect additional thoughts on war. The original name for the cat was Sibra. Based on my research, I changed it to Shala, an ancient goddess of war.

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Monday Monday Song 49 – Where Your Treasure Is (There Is Your Heart)

Recorded Live at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center Annual Meeting November 2015.

A PeaceGrooves Production.
All Rights Reserved

SoundCloud Link:

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Interweaving 1 (#art)

In a previous blog post, I mentioned that I had begun work on a major art piece, something I had not done in a long time. I finished it today. A photo is below.


I used Bic Mark It permanent markers on 14×20 canvas. Along with the inspirations mentioned in the previous post, I am a big MC Escher fan.