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Immortality: Killing Time (and Death)

Does immortality elude us because we are so driven by time?

The clock is a human construct. If I was less concerned with time, would it be less concerned with me? Rushing to get somewhere “on time” simply raises my stress level which is subtly killing me. And most of the time when I arrive “late,” the meeting has not started yet, someone else is “late,” the others there are unconcerned, or for some other reason I did not need to rush. I generally feel like an idiot and am not in the best presence of mind to be present to the meeting.

And this cultural disconnect and fear of death. If I reach a sense of peace with my mortality, will I in essence achieve immortality?

Such a state of mind and heart is not an easy thing to achieve especially in the midst of so many watch-watchers and death-denyers.

But these were just some thoughts I had today while I was killing time.

Et Tu, Tempus Temporis?