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Beyond Legerdemain

is it any wonder
that of the seven
ancient wonders
only one remains
and the pyramid of giza
is but a tomb and
no longer contains
the afterlife companions
or the mouldering remains
of the pharoah

time in subtle thunder
doth rip asunder
with wind and
weather and rain
pounds with
mocking disdain
until these monuments
of blood and stone
and workers pain
are brought low

i cannot help
but wonder if one
must go under
into the inner domain
of broken heart
and mending brain
to build a different
kind of wonder
beyond another
one forever sustained
by the care of soul
a new archipelago

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When Sightings of Rainbows Are Rare

when i’ve lost
patience with humanity
and sightings of
rainbows are rare
i am reminded
that redemption
only comes through
and i give thanks
that life is
not fair

for divine judgement
well deserved
is often
discarded for
and i too
am simply
of god’s weird
human race

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“Whose Dignity Do You Regularly Disregard?”

Such are the words of the audio devotional this morning.

Dignity is inherent, yet it is so easy to live where the suspension of judgement is a foreign thing.

To disregard the dignity of another does not change the fact that she is to be honored. Rather, I dishonor myself.

And I dishonor Christ the King, whose life and death exemplified compassion and honor for all people.

My prayer then (who I hope to be with everyone I meet):

Each day may I see thee the way Christ sees thee, to give my regards to thee and to your precious dignity.

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I Am a Stew of Treats and Tricks

I am such a mix
a stew of treats and tricks
the truth redacted
full but emaciated
living but not liberated
I honor the Saints who have gone before
yet I leave them alone outside my door
their wisdom is a precious thing
so why am I not listening?

I have collected the burrs of this life
until I’m completely covered by a thousand tiny knives
my mind is a morass of many things
that smile and laugh and bite and sting
I have bitten my tongue so many times
that my voice now is little more than a whine
yet I am innundated by so much regret
when I think of the bitter words I have said
one moment my tongue is content to bless
the next it is a cursing mess

sometimes I think I’d be better off blind
but that wouldn’t change what I see in my mind
and the disconnect between your world and mine
how far we have fallen from the Divine

so I will continue to stumble and bumble into Grace
a reluctant participant in this human race
and perhaps like King when I get to the top of this hill
I can look over and say I did God’s will

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Detente of Discomfort

this world of love hate
a presence on the web
leads to reconnections
with old friends
affirmations of life events
and yet tis so easy to
forget the one necessary
to become distracted
to lose oneself to the
fear of hacking
(a strange word, so like a bad cough when you think about it, disease?)
to join the endless narcissism

i go back and forth
to keep or delete my account
that is the question
and others
to remove myself
from it all and return to what was before
would i miss it?
is my life so much
better now?
or have i merely succumbed
to the virtual voices crying out
when what i really need
who i need to connect
is the one of flesh and blood right here
before me?

for now it is enough
to keep these questions
ever before me lest
i forget who i was
the days before i
was snared by the web
trembling here with
the myriad connections
in a kind of
detente of

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Eclipse: On The Sharing of Lens

at times during events of significance the change is invisible to the naked eye

the blazing star seems the same though all around the world glows with a different light

a crescent is suddenly revealed when strangers gather on street corners to pass around the lens of sight

in the sharing we give witness to the subtle power of a tiny satellite

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How much of my soul is mechanical?

Automaton Soul

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

Albert Einstein

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Shadow Boxes

Evening falls
across the world
leaving lighted squares
in a supermoon’s wake
framing shifting shapes
human fish floating
in aquarium rooms
until the tides recede
morning comes
and we reluctant swimmers
are poured out into the streaming streets again

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When Mortal Flesh Doth Shout


God put me in this skin,
Opened me up and poured me in.
It’s not like I had a choice
and even so would I have dared to voice
my opinion?

I am forever stuck with me,
glued to my idiosyncrasies,
the jagged edges and healing scars,
the beauty that so often mars
my ugly personality.

I am simply put, a stone stew,
where all manner of ingredients have accrued,
or perhaps more like a church potluck,
though one where Providence has run amok
to create a feast for you.

This is my mess of flesh and bone,
but it’s not the only mess I own.
I’ve got God to thank for that you see
for creating this crazy human family
where none of us were born to walk alone.