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There is no calm before the storm.

This tempest is neverending. These brief moments of peace are only that.

I am the pupil, swollen by too much light, staring up into the fickle sun.

I still reside within the storm. On the horizon, I see the dark spinning clouds as they draw near to envelop me again.

I have been a sower of the wind.

I have cast my dreams like seeds into the blistering sky.

Now I must succumb to what I have become.

I am the whirlwind reaper.

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The Eye Before The Eye

waiting for destruction is not an easy thing
knowledge of the destructive capacity of the beast is no barrier to worry or fear
one can only try to be prepared

this is the eye before the eye
the moment when the world pauses like a snapshot of what will never be the same

even the known is unknown
and we are reminded that we are not the most powerful on this planet

but what of those who suffer without foreknowledge
in storms of war and pestilence
whose passings are without remembrance or name
a dark line across the newspaper column
a few words
like these you read
as we wait here
the eye before
the eye

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The Inner Meteorologist


I have no faith in meteorologists.

The weather will be what it will be.
A subtle shift of direction of the wind or a degree will change the forecast.
Yet they will continue to make predictions and we will continue to mourn the lack of snow days or be caught in surprise blizzards.
Sudden squalls will block out the sun or the umbrella will be an unwelcome accessory.

The landscape within is not much different.
Centuries of science and seers have explored this domain and still we are caught in the midst of storms unexpected and unknown.
It is a strange atmosphere indeed and often we are strangers to its barometer.
We must become astute watchers of the weather within,
experts in the movings of the soul,
intimately familiar with its ebb and flow.

This education is not a brief occurrence.
It will last a lifetime.
But understanding the currents of the inner winds means one will be less likely to be tossed around by whatever breeze happens to be blowing by.

You will have become the pupil within the hurricane’s eye.

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KMLS Photo Shop

What’s a Photo Shop without a representative image!

Notes: Wanted to spruce up the About Me page.  Camera, split, applied colorization on one, added eye and aperture (look closely), writing to mimic what is on a camera, final raindrop filter over top – circles