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Beyond Legerdemain

is it any wonder
that of the seven
ancient wonders
only one remains
and the pyramid of giza
is but a tomb and
no longer contains
the afterlife companions
or the mouldering remains
of the pharoah

time in subtle thunder
doth rip asunder
with wind and
weather and rain
pounds with
mocking disdain
until these monuments
of blood and stone
and workers pain
are brought low

i cannot help
but wonder if one
must go under
into the inner domain
of broken heart
and mending brain
to build a different
kind of wonder
beyond another
one forever sustained
by the care of soul
a new archipelago


The Undriven Purposeful Life


There is nothing wrong with having a purpose.

Though in my opinion, being driven about anything, however good, is not healthy.

The task then is to remain on course with a slow but steady pace that mimics the rhythm of the Divine.

It is difficult for us to move past the concept of limited time to one of eternity.

But I believe that such a shift is the key to living abundantly.

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Life’s Work of Art


My life is a series of brush strokes on a canvas.

Each day another line of color joins the marks already there.
Framed by faith and family, I become the piece I am meant to be.

There are gouges in spots.
Thick splotches.
Places where the paint is thin.
Areas that have yet to be filled in.

When I die I hope it will be a welcome addition in that grace-filled eternal museum.