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(ART) Escheresque II

Pen and Ink on paper

copyright 2020 kmls

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(ART) Escheresque I

Pen and Ink on Paper

copyright 2019 kmls

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The Breach (ART)

1990 pencil on paper

Once again, the influence of Escher on my work is readily apparent. I am in the process of photographing and preserving my art. This piece is from 1990.

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Channeling Escher


captured by this sphere
warped by the shifting
horizons of this place
seeking a different
perspective from that
which conspires to
shape me into the
antithesis of the
rolled away

i do not understand
the necessities of
these brutal crosses
yet i must rely on
another’s vision
of healed brokeness
and a loud voice
crying in the wild
thou art not

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Interweaving 1 (#art)

In a previous blog post, I mentioned that I had begun work on a major art piece, something I had not done in a long time. I finished it today. A photo is below.


I used Bic Mark It permanent markers on 14×20 canvas. Along with the inspirations mentioned in the previous post, I am a big MC Escher fan.