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Watching Logan’s Run

watching logans run
character finds a portrait of lincoln
where congress used to be
seems a fitting mystery
now filled with a gentle old man
cats discarded books broken stands
a capitol covered in vines
the young intwined
in a world of pleasure and lies
created by a benovolent ai
eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die
and we wonder why
what we call governing is breaking down
the body politic distracted by the sound
of the latest notification
true freedom is running away from us like

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New! Dystopian Short Story “They” Published on Wattpad

As noted earlier this week, “They” is now published on Wattpad. The link is below:

in a not so distant dystopian future, a citizen discovers true freedom

Click view as reader for best reading experience.

Or you can download the ebook in .pdf format below:!Ahdvw20Lq-XNg9U7_tQZtny0xkto9w.