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Depression 1.7 – I. Write. Pray. Heal.

(From February 24, 2016)

It was not too long ago when I stood on the precipice and caught a glimpse of the pit far below.

What I saw was me, yet it was a me distorted by a mind sick with depression. As that vision threatened to reach up and cast me down, I stepped back from the brink into the healing embrace of medication, a renewed sense of God’s love and the care of God’s people, and to a deeper commitment to prayerful writing.

The discipline of daily contemplative reflections from my interactions with the world around me has become a life line for me.

This place where we reside is not without its sadness. But such does not need to discount the inevitable joys. Depression skews the view towards the melancholy.

I am broken. So are you. That acknowledgement does not preclude our healing. We do ourselves and others a disservice when we are less than honest with our pain. But that is not the end of the story.

There is healing. Or at least a coming to terms with our existence. Joy indeed comes in the morning. And that morning comes with each new day we are privileged to see another sunrise.

So I continue in this daily discipline of prayer/writing. Each morning, I turn my face to the east and await the healing words that come with the sun.

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It has returned,
this vise upon my head,
squeezing me hard,
leaving me breathless.

I am a ghost,
wandering through my routine,
a mirror of every other day,
watching me fade into

The simple is what keeps me here;
a pattern of wood that my eyes can follow,
a dog’s fur beneath my hands,
you and your love cascading down around me.

Slowly I come back to being real.
The pain fades with the warming sun.
I wash the wood glue from my fingers.
I close my eyes in prayer.