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355* Prayers – Faith Without Works Is Dead

Still Life OH by KMLSI pray too.

Daily. For the victims. For the responders. For the shooters. For peace. For an end to violence. For our broken society. For all of us.

wpid-crime-scene-by-kmls.jpg.jpegBut I also work. Daily. For peace. I write. Every day. This blog is filled with my attempts to point to another way. I create. I dream up alternatives. I vote. I support those on the front lines of peace and advocacy. I try to live gently.

I too believe in the power of prayer. But I am also open to the call. That I may be the answer to a prayer. Part of prayer is an openness to act.

wpid-working-man-hands-by-kmls.jpg.jpegSo act.

You in positions of power, use your power and the responsibility bestowed upon you to make the changes needed to help heal our land. This is not about personal security. It is about communal safety. You have an obligation to protect ALL of your constituency.

crime scene by kmlsTHIS is NOT what the Founders envisioned. Citizens using assault weapons on each other. Haphazard controls. Minimalistic background checks. Loopholes as big as the exit wound from an explosive round.

Faith without works is dead, like more bloody victims lying in the street. It makes the motto on our coinage a farce.

It should read, “In Guns We Trust.”

wpid-twisted-gun-by-kmls.jpg.jpeg(*355 is the number of mass shootings in the US this year).


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Midweek Essay – You Mis(s) Trust?


A recent Pew Research Study showed that trust in our government by its citizenry is at an all time low. While this is not surprising, other results of the study are somewhat disconcerting. Trust in all of our society’s major institutions is at an all time low as well. This includes the church, medical establishments, etc. This information simply is a confirmation of how fractured our society has become. Such a broken society is unhealthy and in danger of imploding within.

We as humans tend to clump with people of like interest. This makes perfect sense and allows groups of like-minded people to accomplish much when they are focused on one issue together. The problem arises when we remain exclusively within these groups and allow our affiliations to block our interactions with other people who, or groups which, may be different.

Now perhaps you wish to continue to live in a world of rampant fear and distrust. I do not. So then it is imperative that we build relationships across socioeconomic, religious, racial, ethnic, political, and any other lines that conspire to divide us.

Take for example the gist of the following article. “Americans are increasingly skeptical of Muslims. But most Americans don’t talk to Muslims.”

So in a word we need to start talking. And keep on doing so when the conversation gets rough.

Trust is not the same as agreeing on everything. It is an acknowledgement that while we may disagree we choose to respect each other in spite of our differences and that we choose to cultivate and remain in relationships of mutual trust whether we agree on everything or not.

The strength of a person’s character is not determined by who we agree with but rather how we interact with those we disagree with. I would offer that the same applies societally as well. We must be ever vigilant against the mistrust which threatens to tear the fabric of our lives asunder.

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Slave to Fashion


So you’re a slave to fashion.
That term is not innocuous.

Most likely it’s a slave who makes
the fashion that adorns us,

toiling in some sweatshop in
conditions that are far from just.

From the fashion police to the
fashionista to a red carpet bust,

we’re more concerned with a wardrobe
malfunction than with curbing our lust.

Perhaps if the roles were reversed
and the king became the knave,

we would finally fully comprehend
what it means to be a fashion slave.


Poems for Sunday: Society Is

Society is a man with a broken left wrist,
numb to the pain but unable to resist
the flapping uselessness of an otherwise
productive limb.

A rabbit runs with no head and so the man
wrenches the hatchet from the bloody stump.
He brings it down again and severs his hamstrung hand.

With the other he covers the gushing slit,
but alas soon discovers that he has no
hand left to tie a tourniquet.

December 27, 1996