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Heiwa Haiku 105

beware of cold hearts~
bridges and exits freeze first~
you be peace, the sun

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When Ice Falls

When ice falls and the world lies beneath its frozen weight,

let not your heart become encumbered by the creeping cold of hate.

Like winter, this time is but a season, and the warm sun is never far

from a renewed rising if you but keep hope as your guiding star.

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We Winter’s Wandering Pedestrians

In these days of cold and bright
when flesh and bone are bundled tight,
the weary sun casts not its rays
to warm the wayward wight.

It darts in shadows dark,
seeking not the frozen spark
or fire to light its way,
hiding from the burning mark.

Yet we are the icey ones,
we winter’s wandering pedestrians,
stumbling forth into the day,
hands held forth to a dying sun.

Will we become children of the snow,
our brains thick with blizzard blow?
Or tend the hearth where our hearts hold sway,
melt winter’s cold with fiery glow?

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I awake in the darkness of the early morn to the clicking of icey talons on my bedroom window as some cold creature attempts to break through the glass.

I walk gingerly down darkened stairs to find the tapping has moved into the vents as the old furnace begins to rumble to warm life.

Later I am awakened by the news that a loved one faraway is sick.

Underneath the sill there is a small puddle of water. I turn up the thermostat and pray the cold is kept at bay.

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The Winter Of Thy Soul


The winter of thy soul has been so long in the making thou hast become numb to its spawning.
A hoary frost has crept o’er the windows of thy mind to shutter it from a warm day’s dawning.
The ice from bitter skies sheathes the remnant where once the heart of a servant beated.
Be not dismayed, friend, for Love, tis the fire that shall melt thee, and the freeze shall be forever defeated.

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I. Am. Today.


i am the snow mixed with rain
i am the wrapper in the slush
i am a back in pain
i am the morning rush

i am the cold and wet
i am each subtle jar
i am the thought of regret
i am the slow walk back to the car

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The Coming Storm


nervous anticipation
eyes roving
wild imagination
flashlights water bottles matches

boiling blue mass
wracking brain
freezer stocked
food supplying
charcoal grill
generator close
clothes drying
here it comes
snow falling
now there’s no denying

flashlights water bottles matches
batten down the hatches!

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Under the Weather


The biggest snow of the year arrived last night
just in time to bury me beneath a blanket of flu-like symptoms.

Needless to say it makes my enjoyment much less though I do have the luxury of a warm place wherein I can recuperate,
safe behind windows that let the beauty in but keep the cold out.

For many on this spinning sphere, walking in a winter land is more synonymous with a death march.

I pray for a world filled with warm places where the coming of snow is seen as magical and no one shivers outside in the cold.

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Church of One


I have come to this sacred place on the coldest day of the year to try and coax warmth back into a space fast growing cold from a power outage.

To my relief and delight the lights and furnace are back on when I arrive. There are no frozen baptismal streams from burst pipes.

It is a gradual thing, this warming of a cold sanctuary, like the presence of a loving people who enter the winter of the world with hearts on fire.

There is no church of one.
Tonight and the days to come the prayers of many will be offered here.

Warmed when we step outside, the cold will slowly fade away.