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PeaceGroover Live! @ Van Ness Potbelly in DC – July 9 -11am-1pm

As most of you know, I am a singer/songwriter who has been on hiatus – remixing my songs with Acid and Music Maker, uploading to SoundCloud, helping with worship at church, some small concerts, but staying mostly close to home.

Well, through a rather serendipitous conversation yesterday, I am going LIVE!


Yeah. I am playing at the DC Potbelly’s near Van Ness Metro on Connecticut Ave from 11am -1pm.

This is my audition. If it goes well, this could be a regular gig!

So, I’d love for your positive thoughts, prayers, and support!

And if you’re able, stop by, grab some awesome food or a shake (best shakes around!), and hopefully you’ll hear some good music.

Now, I better go practice!