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 A man walked down a street with 99 phones in a wagon. Google Maps thought it was a traffic jam.

Simon Weckert used cellphone signals to deceive Google servers in Berlin for a digital art piece posted on Feb. 1. (Simon Weckert)

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(ART) Escheresque II

Pen and Ink on paper

copyright 2020 kmls

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(ART) Escheresque I

Pen and Ink on Paper

copyright 2019 kmls

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Report #4 from The Washington Auto Show: The Automobile As Canvas

(The following is a reprint of an article I posted in 2008 which features photos and commentary from a visit to the Washington Auto Show. I will repost these reports over the next successive Saturdays as a KMLS PhotoShop feature).

Previous Reports:

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Report #4

The automobile has always been a place for the human to express his/herself, from bumper stickers to air brush masterpieces. The 2008 Washington Auto Show has some pretty amazing representations of customization and car art. The following are some of the examples:

Car Custom Front by KMLS
Car Custom Side by KMLS

Pretty impressive art, huh? Such work speaks for itself. I as the photographer am only the documenter. Here is a roadster that was next door to the funny car:

Face Custom Car by KMLS

And those flames, who can stay away from flames, and on a Fairlane no less.

Fairlane Flames by KMLS

I’ll leave you with a very interesting car called “Hip Hop.” This baby was decked out with beautiful art on the outside and included an amazing sound system on the inside complete with a DJ system so you can make your own grooves and have your own party wherever you go.

Hip Hop by KMLS

Tomorrow will be my final reflection. See you then!


Wall (what God says)

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The Hodge Podge Journal – Page 10 – February 1995 – “Mourning Prayer”


I mourn. I reach for my prayer shawl but it is torn. I mourn.

Another palace. Another square. Lit by the bodies burning there. Mourning mother. Stark stare.

I mourn. I reach for my prayer shawl but it is torn. I mourn.

Your words bruised my soul. Opened the wound. Widened the hole. Busted dreams. I can’t let go.

I rain. Tears flow from the river of my pain. I rain.

February, May 1995

This is part of the Hodge Podge Journal series, excerpts from my art words journal circa 1995.

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Daddy’s Coleman Lantern 1980

This is one of my first pencil still life drawings from age 13 of my dad’s Coleman lantern. It reminds me of our many camping trips, the squish of the gas pump, the burst of flame, and the gentle hiss of the fiery glow along with nighttime conversations.