Blinded By The Light (Wormwood Is Also A Star)

manfred mann said it’s fun
to look into the eyes of the sun
disregarding wise advice

not all that glitters is gold
half the story has never been told –
these words of marley suffice

to reveal the difference
between clarity and indifference
and the lure of luciferous lies

beware which sun you admire
lest you’re consumed by wormwood’s fire
and the star inside you dies

Posted in The Sunday Driver: Life in the Slow Lane

Sixes On A Saturday Night

Saturday night. 9 o’clock.

I left the guys at the mall playing video games. I was tired of killing the same old enemies and trying to look at girls at the same time. I was sick of the way I was feeling. I was just plain sick and tired.

I stopped at High’s to get some gas. When I went inside to pay for it, I grabbed a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips and laid them on the counter.

“Six, sixty-six,” said the cashier and I winced a little.

“Gotta like that,” I said, forcing a grin. “If numbers meant anything, I’d be afraid.”

I’m confident I’m on the narrow path
but I was a little fearful,
another victim of tribulation math.

March 10, 1990