A Sampling of Grooves

“When our victories,

whether individually or corporately, hurt others then they are in every sense of the word hollow victories.”

Heiwa Haiku 1

Peace is like the rain. If many who believe fall, The earth will be wet

The Winds of War

Groovy Tube – PeaceGrooves Video – The Winds of War by kmls. Original song put to video with peaceful quotes and facts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ARIAf9K_Eg&context=C2824cADOEgsToPDskJ9FDsoRRFtZ_c60JUlw5gu


Wifi in the Wilderness

I went to the wilderness to get away where these invisible strands do not hold sway in the steps of the mystics of yesterday whose desert life formed a divine relay. There was no noise that I could hear. Yet the silence could not dispel my fear, piercing my soul like an unseen spear, that […]

The Internet as Unnecessary IV

I am connected. Yet there is a disconnect The information overload of the external leaves very little room for inner reflection. My head is bent down not in prayer but over the screen as I read the news. I am very careful about what I fill my mind with. But I am still filling my […]

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