Ohayƍ gozaimasu, Kakure Kirishitan

Good morning,
Hidden Christian.
Now is not the time to be afraid
for you have been made
in the image of the Christ.

Rise up,
Hanare Kirishitan!
Be not dismayed
though it seems your Faith has been betrayed,
hijacked in some ugly heist.

Come forth,
Mukashi Kirishitan!
Like Lazarus out of your grave,
kamikaze from Elijah’s cave,
rejoin the ancient Zeitgeist.

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Ending Online Defragmentation

Over the past year, I have:

deactivated 4 twitter accounts,

deleted 2 Facebook pages,

canceled 1 LinkedIn account,

deleted 1 Pinterest account,

let Google Plus die,

canceled 3 photography site memberships,

canceled my Amazon Prime membership and am no longer shopping on Amazon,

am no longer posting on or checking my Facebook account,

deleted both Etsy and Square Online stores for my inlay business,

deleted multiple apps from my phone,

unsubscribed from multiple email lists (ongoing),

unsubscribed from multiple Yahoo groups as Yahoo Groups has gone away,


removed many notification permissions from multiple apps on my phone (ongoing).

As a result, I am:


feeling less all over the place,

writing more,

feeling more centered,

having fewer interruptions,

praying more,

updating my resume,

dreaming again,

finishing art projects

and …

anticipating some thing(s) amazing just around the bend.


Between Mercy and Learning How to Pray

alas i am not unencumbered
nor unencumbered should i be

perhaps it as a goal has
in itself become a burden
a distraction from
the one necessary thing

to simply crouch
here at the callused
feet of the master
the hint of a future
resurrection of someone
precious to me
hovering above in the
air of busyness
between mercy for
the stranger and
learning how to

(Luke 10 and 11)


Perhaps It’s Not About the Prophet

“There is still one prophet through whom we can enquire of the Lord, but I hate him because he never prophesies anything good about me, but always bad.”

Such is the complaint of one King Ahab to the inquiry of King Jehoshaphat.

Which sounds eerily familiar to the complaints of one current “king.” And to those who are unable to, or refuse to, pause for even a brief moment of self reflection.

Rather than change one’s behavior in light of the truth, these “bad, very bad” prophecies are conventiently labeled fake news.

As the hawks squawk their tiresome calls to war, we might want to listen carefully to the still small voice of peace. And to the consequences of mistaking affirmation of one’s intention as validation from God.

In the words of Micaiah,

“So now the Lord has put a deceiving spirit in the mouths of these prophets of yours. The Lord has decreed disaster for you.”

I’m not making this up. You can read the full story in 2 Chronicles 18:1-19:3.



Monday Monday Song 79 – A Body Was Found Down By The River (Final Mix 1.1)

“I read the news today, no, I can’t close my eyes and make it go away…”

The news can seem so cold and inhuman when an unknown person is discovered dead somewhere…a brief line or two in a small column in the newspaper is all that the loss of a precious life illicits.

Never lose your ability to mourn the invisible…

My response:

A Body Was Found Down By the River (Final Mix 1.1) by PeaceGroover

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You Scratch My Back – The Pacifist Itch

Pacifism is like that itch on your back in the place that you can’t reach no matter how hard you try.

I have found only three ways to scratch the itch.

1) I can rub my back against the nearest wall.

Pacifism begins with me. It is important that I take initiative and develop a conviction that peace is the way. But if all I do is rub my back against the nearest wall, then invariably the itch will return.

2) I can extend my reach with a backscratcher.

My conviction must lead me to discover the tools I need to be a better pacifist. Training and education in the ways of peace can extend my capacity to scratch the pacifistic itch.

3) Even better is having someone scratch that place for me. I can point them to the exact spot and they can tell me what is causing the itch.

My personal conviction and a full toolbox are not enough. Pacifism is best practiced within a community. I need to be in relationship with others with this same itch.

Together we can help each other discover the places that need our attention and in so doing become better pacifists.

Then we can give our full attention to this war-weary world and place our healing hands on its big broken back.

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Ash Wednesday on Surfers Point

here at the point
where the waves explode
against the rocks
and the fishermen
come to cast out upon
the water
i stand
my face into
the wind

there was a fire here
charred driftwood lying
waiting to be
warmth to share
and cook the coming feast

faith is the spark
memories of another
distant shore
lost followers found again
by their teacher

i reach down to
what the flames touched
rub my finger against the ash
and draw a cross on my

when the ocean
washes the soot away
it feels like
a gracious savior’s


The Power of Words