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Red Eyes

red from the sun
when they’re closed
in prayer

red from the pain
of a hurting
child’s stare

red from weeping
with the pain
we all share

red from the wound
when you’re
going nowhere

red of the hound
that’s chasing
you there

red from love’s
heart when you’re
caught unaware

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Ghost Living in a Ghost Town

what’s wrong wakes me
from my sleep
new song takes me
through empty streets
so long to keep
rocking to this new beat

new ghosts appearing
as some die
dire woes leering
from gray skies
with most fearing
wondering why

for a time at least
the music speaks
binds the beast
the havoc it wreaks
my mind finds peace
in the tune it seeks

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Oh, The Plans We Made!

Oh, the places you were going to go! There was fun to be done!
There were points to be scored!
There were games to be won!
And the magical things you could do with that ball
would’ve made you the winning-est
winner of all!

Now when you’re alone there’s a very good chance
there’s a virus that scares you right out of your pants
Right now, it’s lurking outside between hither and yon,
and that can scare you so much you won’t want to go on.

Out there things look scarey, they frequently do,
even to people as courageous as you.
But when things look like that, don’t worry, don’t stew.
Just stay safe and strong, you’ll make it through!

And though the plans you made may have all been for naught,
here’s hoping things aren’t as bad as you thought.
The world will be better because of how hard you fought
and with that magical ball you’ll make a hook shot.

(Written in honor of Dr. Seuss)

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Cold Bee Crumpled Kitten


when I spoke the kitten did not move
crouched against the fence beside the road
curled up
head down
like the bee on the leaf someone put out in the sun so it could be
warm again
often in times like these I know not what to do
but grant that I at least
if only for a moment to be present
for too many times to count I have been alone
waiting for warmth and you stopped by to stay with me
you were my sun

October 2015

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We Are The Masked Ones

We are the masked ones

the people of laughing eyes and waving hands and muffled voices

We are the six feet orbiting ones

distant planets revolving around the sun of the other

We are the tentative ones

careful movers in this strange new dance

We are the faithful ones

hearers of the wisdom of our elders who stay safe so that

others may live

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Heiwa Haiku 111

be not dismayed child ~

hidden sun shall shine again ~

warming fearful heart

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Heiwa Haiku 110

days of pestilence –

a world in need of healing –

always remember

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There Will Fall Only Silence

today the storms will come
the rain on the windows
will be as jagged diamonds
upon the glass of your soul

the tempest shall wake you
in the darkness of early morn
from a slumber without dreams
your back clenched and stomach
roiling from aches unknown

you will turn to the page
as the night slips away
and rest is a fleeting wish
the words will arrive as
water from dripping skies

at the end of the writing
you will listen to find that
the tumult has ended
outside and within there
will fall only silence

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When the Words I Thought Were Lost

On days when I am so lost that the words cannot find me and the trap that is my mind will not release,

When the illumination I seek only rises to blind me and the gap between now and not yet seems only to increase.

When my fingers cramp upon the pen of my prayers and my compassion has been consumed by rage,

I stumble from the shadows into fields of light and air to find the words I thought were lost shining brightly on the page.