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Sh(air)ing – “Sharing Air” – Art by KMLS

Art is one of the ways I attempt to make sense of what is happening in the world around me.

Below is a video I made with PicPac of the final touches for my most recent pen and ink work.

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(PHOTOSHOOT) AM Walk in B and W Part Deux

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(ART) Escheresque II

Pen and Ink on paper

copyright 2020 kmls

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(ART) Escheresque I

Pen and Ink on Paper

copyright 2019 kmls

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The Way of the Leaf 75 – When Cars Become Trees

Rain is the adhesive for falling leaves, creating mechanical trees.

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The Way of the Leaf 74

I am indebted to trees.

Not simply because they supply the air I breathe, but because they literally give their lives that I may create crafts of beauty and grace.

I originally started this photo series as a way to notice the intimate details of life, the small things as it were. It has been almost exactly a year since the last posting. Yet, whether I post or not, the practice has definitely changed the way I see the world.

“The trees of the fields shall clap their hands…”

And their bright leaves fall.

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New Changes at KMLS PhotoShop!

KMLS Photoshop is what I call my dabblings in photography and photo art.

This past year I have been working on several changes with regards to my photography.

First, as part of my decision to end my relationship with Amazon, I migrated my photos from Amazon back to my Flickr account which took a LONG time. Currently, I am organizing my Flickr collection so stay tuned as more photos become publicly available.

My Flickr Collection

Secondly, I have begun contributing photos to Foap for greater visibility and to make my photos available for purchase.

My Foap Portfolio

Thirdly, I now also have a gallery on ImageKind. Here you can not only purchase my photos, but buy them as canvas or framed prints in a variety of lovely designs!

My ImageKind Gallery

Feel free to visit any of the links above. You can also find my images throughout the web under my pen name – jlseagull.

Any comments and suggestions are most appreciated.