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some of you will continue your evolution towards fully
becoming the walking dead

you will think only of protecting
yours and your kind
you will buy more guns and ammunition
you will still drive
(and live) without regards to
you will prioritize money over people
women and children will still die
in the hood over your perceived slights
you will continue to place your faith
in weapons outmoded philosophies
conspiracy theories and a worldview
founded on fear
you will continue to weaponize your religion
you will make plans to weaponize a virus

you probably will survive
your humanity will not

the rest of us will remain human
we have been prepared for this
our hearts will remain open
we will sing from balconies
we will play cellos where
snipers fire
we will listen to the voice of
wisdom shouting in the streets
we will march forth in a spirit
of hope and sharing
we will give our lives if need be
we will love
we will choose to be kind
we will serve
we will tend the sick
we will give our ventilator to a stranger
we will die by the thousands

we may not survive
but our humanity will

(*the open hearted)

2 thoughts on “TWD – *TOH

    1. Amen! I figure if a pandemic won’t change somebody, then nothing will. I am gradually losing patience with the stupid half of the human race.


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