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Nameless – A Not So Modest Proposal For Peace

In our headlong rush to know, perhaps to understand, to be the first to break the breaking news of who or what did the breaking, we give the violent ones the public podium they so covet.

Ms. Ardern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, got it so very right.

“He shall remain nameless.”

So then, let the media, social, anti-social, or otherwise, do the same;

Refuse to publicize the name or names of the person, persons, or group, who are the alleged perpetrators.

Mental health professionals. Church leaders. The intelligence community. The authorities.

They can know. They can do their best to understand, to bring healing, to bring justice, to prevent a reoccurrence.

The rest of us do not need to know the name(s).

We do not need to feed like carrion crows at the carcass of another senseless act of violence.

We do not need to know every bloody detail.

We do not need to be driven like cattle into a constant state of fear.

And we do not need to know the perpetrator(s) name(s).

Let them remain nameless.

And in the emptiness perhaps will be the growing seed of lasting peace.

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