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Report #4 from The Washington Auto Show: The Automobile As Canvas

(The following is a reprint of an article I posted in 2008 which features photos and commentary from a visit to the Washington Auto Show. I will repost these reports over the next successive Saturdays as a KMLS PhotoShop feature).

Previous Reports:

Report #1

Report #2

Report #3

Report #4

The automobile has always been a place for the human to express his/herself, from bumper stickers to air brush masterpieces. The 2008 Washington Auto Show has some pretty amazing representations of customization and car art. The following are some of the examples:

Car Custom Front by KMLS
Car Custom Side by KMLS

Pretty impressive art, huh? Such work speaks for itself. I as the photographer am only the documenter. Here is a roadster that was next door to the funny car:

Face Custom Car by KMLS

And those flames, who can stay away from flames, and on a Fairlane no less.

Fairlane Flames by KMLS

I’ll leave you with a very interesting car called “Hip Hop.” This baby was decked out with beautiful art on the outside and included an amazing sound system on the inside complete with a DJ system so you can make your own grooves and have your own party wherever you go.

Hip Hop by KMLS

Tomorrow will be my final reflection. See you then!

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