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Report #3 from The Washington Auto Show: The Past Is Beautiful

(The following is a reprint of an article I posted in 2008 which features photos and commentary from a visit to the Washington Auto Show. I will repost these reports over the next successive Saturdays as a KMLS PhotoShop feature).

Previous Reports:

Report #1

Report #2

Report #3

The theme of this year’s auto show is “Engineered for the Future.” Visitors are invited to see a piece of the future of automobiles. My first report took a look at this theme with an emphasis on new 2008 models and vehicles featuring green technology. But no auto show is complete without those beauties from the past. In this report I will feature “oldies, but goodies,” cars from history that still have the power to turn heads.

Since we’re talking about history, here’s some tidbits about the show: As far as I can tell this is the 66th year of the Auto Show. For 62 of those years it was held around Christmas and New Years to take advantage of visitors. But to make it a more world class show for everyone, especially residents of this fair city, Washington Convention and Tourism Corp (WCTC) and the Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association (WANADA), the primary sponsors of the show, decided to shift it to a later date.

Now for some shots of history:

Corvette by KMLS
Oldies by KMLS
Nissan Racer by KMLS

Below is the lowly, reliable Fiat, movie star of the ages and workhorse for eons, framed by a muscle car.

Fiat Juxtaposition by KMLS

And we’ll end with those sports cars that have had us salivating for years-Ferrari and Porsche.

Ferrari by KMLS
Porsche by KMLS

My next report will feature art on wheels. Stay tuned!

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