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Report #1 from The Washington Auto Show: Introduction and Concept Cars

(The following is a reprint of an article I posted in 2008 which features photos and commentary from a visit to the Washington Auto Show. I will repost these reports over the next successive Saturdays as a KMLS PhotoShop feature).

The Washington Auto Show up is happening January 23 through 27 at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. Today was Washington Post Day which more than receiving a plastic bag with some trinkets meant that I got $4 off at the door (reg $10) with a coupon from the Post. (P.S. Print a page from and get $4 off for Friday).

I’ve never been to an Auto Show before and I figured I should go as your Slow Mover Reporter. (And to take a plethora of cool photos). So here’s Report #1.

Crushed Car by KMLS

No, this is not a booth on the dangers of drunk driving. It was at the Washington Post Booth on Level D. Guess the make and model of the car and get free gas for a year. I didn’t try. But I thought it’d make a cool pic. (Some guys talking behind me thought it was a Mazda, 1987 maybe?). What do you think?

Car Supended by KMLS

Here is an interesting display set up featuring two 2008 GM Pontiac Firebirds. I noticed no one was getting into the one underneath.

Close Up Chevy Volt Concept Car by KMLS

The 2008 Show features the latest in green technology. The Chevy Volt (above) is a concept car with the E-Flex System. It uses batteries alone for a 40 mile radius before the auxiliary engine starts and can adapt to alternative fuels including diesel or hydrogen fuel cell. Also, it has a transparent polycarbonate roof for all around visibility.

The following are several other concept cars:

Fuel Cell Car by KMLS
Ford Hydrogen by KMLS
Engine and Car by KMLS
Buick Enclave by KMLS

And I’ll leave you with a final reflection. Until tomorrow, this is the Slow Mover Reporter at the 2008 Washington Auto Show signing off!

Funky Close Up by KMLS

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