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Monday Monday Song 71 – Epiphany

Another restless night with dreams of discontent

Could it be my brokenness is heaven sent?

And all of my suffering doesn’t even come close to the suffering of the one who loves me most

Or the pain of a friend who will never mend waiting in a wheelchair for the end

Can I be the love that animates flesh and bone bright scars on my skin through which the light can be shown

And what I have lost can only be found in a love that is bigger than the hate that is all around

Who holds a child near in the shadows of fear waiting for another missle to appear

Another frozen day trying to fan the flame

Do I truly believe in the power of a name?

That can warm the coldest heart in the winter of the soul and breathe into a shattered world and make it whole

I don’t know but it goes to show that this is a love that will never let us go

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