Posted in Leaves on the Poet Tree (Poems)

I Am a Stew of Treats and Tricks

I am such a mix
a stew of treats and tricks
the truth redacted
full but emaciated
living but not liberated
I honor the Saints who have gone before
yet I leave them alone outside my door
their wisdom is a precious thing
so why am I not listening?

I have collected the burrs of this life
until I’m completely covered by a thousand tiny knives
my mind is a morass of many things
that smile and laugh and bite and sting
I have bitten my tongue so many times
that my voice now is little more than a whine
yet I am innundated by so much regret
when I think of the bitter words I have said
one moment my tongue is content to bless
the next it is a cursing mess

sometimes I think I’d be better off blind
but that wouldn’t change what I see in my mind
and the disconnect between your world and mine
how far we have fallen from the Divine

so I will continue to stumble and bumble into Grace
a reluctant participant in this human race
and perhaps like King when I get to the top of this hill
I can look over and say I did God’s will

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