Posted in Leaves on the Poet Tree (Poems)

Image of Faith

in these days
when the heat of summer
slowly succumbs to the
crisp cool air of fall
it is not an easy thing
to believe that the lies
of this past season
will finally give way to the truth

like the canvas covered vintage car waiting to be exposed by the tearing wind
or the red tipped wine bottle which noses out from a black plastic bag
it is only a matter of time
before what is right
is revealed

i must admit my faith has been sorely tested
i am distracted
distressed by and
obsessed with
the news
i have flown too close
to the burning sun

yet a new season is dawning
a cool wind blows out
of the north
it whispers
have faith
i truth am here

my response is a simple thing
an act of faith
change is coming
i proclaim it
every time
i photograph
a laid

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