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Here There Be Dragonflies

They say it is because of the rain.

That is the reason why there are so many dragonflies this season. Though I rarely see them unless I am in the car. Then when I am parked in a lot or waiting at a red light, one will suddenly appear, swooping in low like a chopper, buzzing my car, peering into the windshield with its large compound eyes. Perhaps it wishes to say hello or is trying to understand what sort of creature would choose to spend so much time cloistered inside a strange glass and metal box on wheels.

Dragonflies are ancient. Their ancestors have been found in fossils from when the earth was young. Yet their lifespan as flyers is only around 7 months with most of their life (2-6 years) spent in the larvae stage.

The story I am part of began long ago. I am a small part of something much bigger than I.

Dragonflies are amazing flyers with the ability to move each of their four wings independently. One species migrates over 11,000 miles!

Often I long to fly, forgetting that I must be prepared to do so and that those times of preparation can seem overly long and uneventful.

Dragonflies have voracious appetites. One dragonfly can eat 30 to 100 mosquitoes a day.

There are many distractions each day that can keep me from fulfilling what I am called to do. There are many things which masquerade as what I should be partaking of. Nothing other than what I am to do and be will satisfy.

Dragonfly vision is remarkable. Their eyes encompass almost the entirety of their head. They can see everywhere except directly behind them.

How is my vision? Am I aware of all that is around me?

Do I strain too much to see what is behind me? Does the past inform my present or weigh me down?

Am I completely immersed in the joy of my flight?

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