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This Morning A Gift of Song

I do not believe in coincidence, yet I am still awed when the world outside of me seems to respond to the inner landscape.

This morning, when I open the inner door to step through the closed-in porch and outside to retrieve the paper, can you guess what greets me?

It is the song of a cricket, singing for all its worth, from a hidden corner somewhere in the room!

It is so loud that our dog, who is not a fan of thunder, smoke alarms, or other loud and strange noises, has to be coaxed out for her morning walk.

I am stunned.

Yesterday, I gave my offering to the world and to you, dear reader.

Today, I am graced by the presence of a visitor I have never heard in all of my years in this house.



I choose to accept the gift with wonder.

The cricket is silent now, the gift given.

The recipient begins his day with his heart filled with the song.

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