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This Painful Extraction from Amazon

Recently, I shared a post about my intention to end my relationship, Prime and otherwise, with Amazon, due to a variety of reasons so stated.

As with most relationships, especially those of the online capitalistic ilk, such a severing of ties is time consuming and excruciatingly painful.

I offer the following as a cautionary tale:

1) Amazon Prime Photos – I recently took advantage of the Prime benefit and uploaded/transferred all of my photos to Amazon Prime photos in the cloud. Over the past month, I have been attempting to transfer my photos over to my Flickr account. This involves using MultCloud which is buggy and limits the amount I can transfer or downloading from Amazon (which again limits the amount I can download), then uploading back to Flickr. Talk about time consuming! Just beware: Amazon makes it extremely difficult to remove/reclaim your photos.

2) Replacement parts for products purchased on Amazon – Last week the lamps in my bug zapper died and I had to grit my teeth and order replacement bulbs on Amazon. Hopefully, that is the only item purchased on Amazon that will keep me tied to the company, but it looks less likely as I think of all of the stuff I have purchased over the years. So take note: cut the tie sooner rather than later and begin researching other options.

3) Blink and the like – Fortunately, I never got into the Alexa, Echo, Key stuff. They feel more like fluff/toys and not overly necessary or useful. However, I do have 3 Blink cameras. I love the security they provide for our home as well as simply knowing what visitors we have at the house (including the occasional bird). Well, Amazon bought the company. As of now, it looks like the app is still independent. Hopefully, that will remain the status quo for the foreseeable future. Though of course in this day and age one can never know. So buyer beware: if you are thinking of leaving Amazon, what will you do with your internet of things?

I was hoping to have cancelled my account by now, but I am still transferring photos. 12,000 plus and still counting. Sigh.

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